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Race Result

Racer: Gloria Serrao
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 17, 2009
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 45 - 49
Time: 3:30:50
Overall Place: 1390 / 1568
Age Group Place: 3 / 4
Comment: First Columbia!

Race Report:

Though tempted not to be there SO early, me and Jeanine (I am blessed to have a friend/neighbor triathlete!) headed out of our driveway at 4:45 - up at 3:45 (fortunately hubby was away and not disturbed by my bustling around). Got a great parking spot! And all the advice about being there early was very good advice!

Set up transition, made the first potty run. Enjoyed the gals around me who said "I have no idea what to do!" In my most "experienced" voice (5 whole triathlons) - I said we hang around, get nervous, enjoy the excitement, keep moving our stuff around and…. Go to the potty a lot!

I had decided to compete in the Athena category so did not swim until 8:00 a.m. but time really flew by! I saw all my friends off in the age group, visited the tent often with lots of nervous smiling faces, then went to get my wetsuit on. This was the first day I ever wore THIS wetsuit! See, I had rented one; great idea but the thing and I just did not get along! First swim, I was dizzy and nauseous – second swim I was gagging during most of the swim – so instead of having this race be my third swim in that suit, I bought a brand new ZOOT at the EXPO on SATURDAY. (never do this, something about nothing new on race day… –-- I was desperate). The Falls Running Store gave me 20% off for being a member of Mid Maryland Tri! Yeah!

Swim 30:25 (889/1568)
Could not have been better! Although everyone tried to zip up the back of my wetsuit, I told them I had “mental issues” and had to keep it open (he he). I truly felt as though God had helped me get over all those terrible fears and the water felt very warm! Good start, my particular group seemed to be swimming everywhere (!) so there was no crowd! Sighting was not as easy as in the creek (no sailboats?! only trees – I was thinking, I will keep in line with that little stumpy treetop?!) I did that last 100 meter kicking thing, which really helped my legs prepare for the walk/run to the bike! It was great to see Bob and I heard Chip and Maura --- and so many MM Tri folks there after that swim! Thanks! ! Bettered my last swim time by 9 minutes!

Bike + T1 = 1:47:03 (my bike computer clocked 1:43)
Previous best Olym distance bike was 1:31

Spent a little too much time deciding whether to put jacket on or leave it off. I started to put it on and realized (duh) I was wet and it stuck to my skin, then I tossed it down. The bike felt great and I did not feel crowded or intimidated. I’m hoping the wind was a bit of an issue because my average was slower than usual ?! It was really fun for me to wear the Mid Maryland Tri top because there were cheers from those of you who passed me ;-) I was temperature happy the whole ride which was great. Ate my gu and drank as much as possible. When I racked my bike I heard the names of my friends Alice and Sadj being announced as finishing! I said, OK an hour to go….

Transition: 2:25
Run 1:11:00 (1390/1568)
Exactly the same as last tri I did!
I sure would have liked to have run this a bit harder, but I felt good all the way and was happy that my knee was cooperating, Being a late wave is a little "bad" mentally as you feel like a “straggler” but I just started cheering others on and felt better. Good to see folks I knew as I approached the finish!

The club has been a lot of fun for me this year and I did not feel slighted that my family was in Ocean City because I had so many friends there! A huge shout out to all the volunteers as while I was biking and running in the rain and cold, they were standing in it – for longer periods of time! Food was yummy!

Notes to self: More strength training, more speed training to get my run time down. More endurance work -- I’m excited about the next race!