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Race Result

Racer: Robin Kovach
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 23, 2009
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 35 - 39
Time: 2:05:05
Overall Place: 272 / 1671
Age Group Place: 58 / 358
Comment: My First IronGirl

Race Report:

This is my first race as a MMTC member and my third sprint triathlon. The first two I did were 10 years ago, before 2 kids, shorter sprints, and in the flat lands of Miami Beach!

I thought I had prepared well mentally and physically leading up to this race. I started training in January and then followed a 13-week sprint training course at the end of May. I had a goal to try to finish the race in two hours, missed it by 5 minutes.

I got up at 4:15am and had half a bagel with peanut butter, a banana, and a cup of peaches (I hear they are great for keeping away cramps). But then my mental training went crazy. I started having slight panic attacks on the drive to Centennial. Not full blown attacks but enough that I couldn�t eat anything else before the race.

I had a great rack site in the last row by the bike out so it was easy to spot. I felt better while I was setting up my transition area since it allowed me to forget all about my anxiety. I saw a lot of friendly face in transition and that helped too. Still couldn�t eat a thing. It was great to hang out at the MMTC tent before the swim. As it got closer I was feeling better and better. Veronica and I were standing in line for our swim wave when I felt so good that I was hungry. Crap! So I ran to the tent quick and downed a power gel really fast. Can MMTC be at all our races??

Swim: 25:06
I was happy with my swim time. My fastest training swim was 26:30. I had put myself in the middle of the pack but I think next time I will try to get closer to the front. It was a while before I could do more than two strokes without hitting someone so the beginning of the swim was a bit frustrating. My goal had been 25:00, I�ll take it. And then I saw my friend Veronica again as we got out of water and that made me happy!

T1: 3:38
Ackk, I have no idea what took me so long in here. Need to work on this for next time.

Bike: 1:02:07
I was pleased with my bike time. I had been trying like heck to get it faster in training but could never seem to get it under 1:05. I was able to clip in easy and managed to eat a gel on my way down 108. By goal was 1:00. Next time I need to push the hills more, and do some hill training.

T2: 2:14
I guess I�m happy with this, I really have nothing to compare it to though. I�ll shoot for under two minutes next time. I saw my husband and kids on my way into transition-yeah!!!

Run: 32:03
And this is where I lost it completely! I felt great coming out of transition, grabbed a gel to take with me to eat on the run. Then just as I passed the amphitheater and first turn there, I had a big panic attack, this one made me gag and almost puke. I have no idea why this happened here but then all these crazy thoughts started going through my mind. Will someone find me if I pass out? Will I ever do another race? I�m dropping out of Henlopin! But then I thought of my family waiting for me at the finish line and I knew I had to get there somehow, even if I had to walk the darn thing. So I slowed my pace until my heard settled down. But every uphill, my heart-rate naturally went up, and then I started to panic again. So I ended up walking a portion of all the hills. Which really pissed me off since I�ve never once had to walk this course. Now I can mad about it, then I was just trying to survive it. So it was a very mental struggle to get through the run. Normally I�ve been doing it in about 29:00 so in hindsight it really wasn�t all that bad. I�m more disappointed in the fact that I had the panic and now it is making me nervous for future races. Not to mention that my stomach didn�t get back to normal until Wednesday morning!

I keep remembering what Michele Bull had told us at one of the IronGirl meetings about the three goals for each race. I only remember two of them though. One was to have a goal that if everything went perfectly and the stars aligned, you�d make it. That was my 2-hour goal, I would have had to have a PERFECT race for that. Then there was the goal to just have the best race you possibly can under whatever circumstances come up that day. So that is the goal I keep telling myself so I don�t get to upset of what happened on my run. Thanks Michele!

And thank you to all the MMTC members, Princeton Sports, and all my training buddies! It has been great fun and I really hope I can keep doing more triathlons.