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Race Result

Racer: Susanne Woodlan
Race: Marine Corps Marathon
Date: Sunday, October 25, 2009
Location: Washington, DC
Race Type: Run - Marathon
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Comment: a year of long and slow

Race Report:

Goal: to finish and have a good time.

This was a year of firsts for me. My first half Marathon at Virginia beach Shamrock half. My fist half Iron man at the eagleman. In April I was running consistently. When a friend said lets run the marine corps it sounded like fun. We had all summer to train. Then there were tri', bike rides and my daughter's activities. My long runs lately when they happened were 12 to 13 miles. About a month ago I did do a 20 mile run and felt good. Then came the Seagull Century. All of a sudden it was the marathon.
The day started off bad. The power went out so my alarm clock said the wrong time. My husbands only alarm clock change time this weekend. By the time we realized we were running late. Drove to DC and could not find parking. Were meeting people from the Montgomery county road runners. Were planning to have time to visit and enjoy the race. Instead made it there in time to walk to the start line. Thank fully was able to find my running partner.
First half we were running a mile and walking a minute about 13 min pace for a 5:45 finish. We held this pace till about mile 12. This is were my lack of training showed. My running buddy went on and I continued on my own. Tried to run/walk with some other people for a mile. Realized I really did not want to run anymore. Figured I would have more fun if I walked a consistent pace. All I kept thinking was I had to make the bridge before the bus picked people up. This was about a 14 min pace. As we went across the bridge people were chanting "We made the bridge" Met some people walking and talked for a mile or two. Either they moved on or I moved on. The weather was great. I just found new walking buddies until the last 13 was over. Had a great day. Finish in 6:41. Was not hurting as much as some people and probably had a better time. For all those other slow runner/walker you can do it too.
Next year hope to be better prepared and run more of the marathon. Maybe do the aqua velo for cambridge.
Parents live in Phoenix. Ultimate goal is Arizona Ironman. Maybe 2 to 3 years.
Will take a few days to be able to walk again. Then will start base training again. Glad to have long raced done for the year.
Sue Woodlan

PS. Husband, Lubin Hernandez Palomino, also did the marathon. Will probably not write race report. He finished in 4:13. Longest run he did lately was 13 at the Savageman. Not fare.