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Race Result

Racer: Jennifer Ruch
Race: Diamond in the Rough Triathlon
Date: Saturday, July 11, 2009
Location: Perryville, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 25 - 29
Time: 2:32:04
Overall Place: 12 / 143
Age Group Place: 3 / 31
Comment: This race keeps getting faster!

Race Report:

DITRT 2009: Drove up the morning of. Got up super early – I was so worried about over sleeping! Arrived with plenty of time to spare. Slightly chilly morning - and breezy!

Swim: 1 mile swim in the Susquehanna River. Water was warm - although slightly cool enough for wetsuits. No wetsuit for me and I was plenty warm enough. Only a little bit of grass/weeds in various spots throughout the course. With 6 buoys to sight the course was relative easy to follow (for once!). A little chop on the water. Start was an in-water start. Finish was crazy with everyone trying to get out via the ladders and we weren't allowed to run up the stairs to that added probably 30 seconds to the total swim time (slowly walking up the stairs). 24:52 total time decent I think.

T1: 1:11, good enough - from the staircase to the Transition area was only about 15-20 steps.

Bike: 27 miles – a varied course. Some hills, some rollers, some crazy downhills (hit 40mph which is fast for me). I expected to be faster but maybe the hills held my average back. Ended with an 18.5mph average (1:27.46 total time). The "nasty" hill wasn't as bad as I remember it 3 years ago and having biked the Catoctins I really don't think it was 7% grade as advertised. Still a long hill to climb though...

T2: <1min I am getting fast at this.

Run: 5 miles – Out and back over grass, gravel, and pavement... makes it interesting. Very flat and due to the breeze, more enjoyable than usual. I missed every mile marker but was fairly certain (from past experience) that the turnaround really was the half way point (or so). Felt great for about 3 miles then mentally started breaking down (plus I got side stitches – why, I have no clue) – had to convince myself I was doing fine and just to keep running – thank god I got a second wind with about 1 mile to go (and the side stitches magically went away). It was nice to see the finish with about 0.25 miles to go… a fast sprint to the end and I was done! Run time: 37:30. 7:30 pace if the course wasn’t short (even it was 4.8 miles like Greg indicated still 7:48 pace!) Yay, under 8 minute pace – very very pleased with that.

Total time 2:32:04. Great race, good weather, decent support. Competition seemed more stiff this year compared to others. I guess the race keeps getting more popular! Still after one girl in my age group was in the top 3, squeezed in for 3rd in age group - got a nice medal for that. Very happy with how this race went!