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Race Result

Racer: Mona Shroff
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 23, 2009
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 2:33:33
Overall Place: 1128 / 1671
Age Group Place: 260 / 353

Race Report:

This is my first race report, but not my first race. I did IG 2008, and was the cyclist on a relay team for CT 2009. To do IG 2008, I had to overcome my fear of water, and learn how to swim, as well as get on bike after 25 years. And running caused me all kinds of pain, knee, shin splints, etc. I finished last year’s IG in 2:33:31. Yes, 2 SECONDS FASTER than this year. Bizarre….
I had less fear than last year, but I had really wanted to beat my time this year. I knew that my swim was better, but I have been dealing with plantars fasciitis since the Columbia, so I knew the run was going to be rough. I love the bike, and I thought I had trained harder – but it did not come thru.

SWIM: 29:06 (1.15 better than last year) :I was looking fwd to the swim, as I felt that I had improved my swim since last year. I swam closer to the buoys this year and spent a great deal of time and energy being bumped and kicked. I never could get a proper rhythm. So I was quite tired when I finished. And disappointed.

T1:4.28 Better than last year!

Bike: 1:15:56: (lost 45 sec here); It took awhile to get into a groove on the bike, and many times I questioned my own sanity for doing this at all! I did actually pass a few girls, so I was feeling a bit better upon my return.

T2: 2.21 (better than last year) - I was doing fine, then bent down to put on my left running shoe, and my quad cramped up. I was down on the ground working it out for what felt like forever. Finally I decided I should at least try limping the run and get going.

RUN: 41:50: I was dealing with plantars fascitis all summer, so I knew my run would not be great – but I actually lost almost 4 minutes here from last year. I jogged most of it so I would be able to run/ sprint at the end when my kids would run me in. (They cut short a trip to Niagara with my parents so they could be here to run me in! It’s my favorite part!)

Overall, I felt it was harder this year than last - and the fact that I finished exactly 2 seconds slower than last year, is actually mind boggling. I didn’t do considerably worse or better, I was the same. AT first, I felt I was done with tri – who voluntarily puts themselves thru THIS? It has been a few days, and I can’t imagine NOT doing Iron Girl – so I will definitely be there next year. Before this year’s race I had also been considering doing Columbia – still a possibility! Though I have to say, I am going to take to heart the idea that nobody cares about my time but me. I think I enjoyed IG more last year b/c I only wanted to finish – so I am going to embrace the idea of fun again