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Race Result

Racer: Bob Reid
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Time: 2:55:04
Overall Place: 639 / 1590
Age Group Place: 92 / 196
Comment: PR got washed away...

Race Report:

This was my 8th Columbia Triathlon. My training was going very well for this. I had done a brick of the course the week before with Team Fight and felt great. I did light workouts the days leading up to the race. I was really hoping to have a PR for the course. But that all washed away on race day… pun intended. My neighbor Scott picked me up at 5:20 in the pouring rain. I was kind of hoping he wouldn’t show up :-). But I’ve raced in a little rain before (understatement i.e. Lake Placid 2008) and was thankful the temps were at least favorable. I hate guessing on race day of what to wear, fearful of freezing on the bike. It was nice that the rain let up before the swim start.

Swim: 28:45
Not bad, considering I couldn't catch a draft after the 2nd turn buoy. The one draft I had swam off course and I had to let him go.

T1: 2:38 a PR!

Bike: 1:22:12
Legs felt heavy on 108 and got better as the ride when on, but I wasn't having a strong day. I didn't feel as good as last week. I love to fly down the hills and knew that wasn't going to happen today. Not worth the risk. The roads were just soaking wet. I saw a guy go down at the Homewood / Folly Quarter traffic circle. Luckily he was OK. Got to see my family and my birthday boy at Folly Quarter and Triadelphia. My dad has a yellow rain jacket and I swear it seems he needs it every time he sees me race! It's easier to spot him, though. I'm betting next year will be perfect weather.

T2: 2:09 - with pit stop

Run: 59:20
My nemesis. My goal was to not walk any of the hills. I did it, but I'm now thinking that may have hurt me a little. Active recovery during short walk breaks may help go faster during the flats. There's something I just can't get right with the run at Columbia. I can push it on the bike, but my mind tells my body to not get out of the comfort zone on the run. I KNOW I can run faster than a 9:34 pace. That's my easy pace. I was able to go hard at the Run-Bike-Runs and run 7:15 / 8:00 pace. I guess since I predetermined that a PR wasn't going to happen because of the weather, that it was OK to not hurt on the run. Maybe next year.

On a positive note, this was my highest place in my age group at Columbia 92/196 or 47%! So maybe it's not so bad after all. Not a PR on time, but a PR in AG %!!

Great post-race activities and hanging out with both Team Fight and MMTC friends. Massage afterwards felt terrific (thanks, Nic!). It always feels so good to be done.

Oh yeah, Nutrition: Breakfast = banana, coffee, Hammer perpetuem, and a couple bites of a power bar. Sipping water and a gel 15 minutes before the swim start. A gel on the bike, 3/4 bottle Heed, 3/4 bottle of water. On the run, one gel @ mile 3 and water at the aid stations.