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Race Result

Racer: Robin Kovach
Race: Celebration Sprint Triathlon
Date: Sunday, June 27, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 35 - 39
Time: 2:05:00
Age Group Place: 22 / 108
Comment: Revenge of the Seaweed Monster

Race Report:

This race was so much fun, the weather was great and so many friendly faces at the MMTC tent. Lots of friends racing their first triathlon and they did awesome!

Decided to go with my normal 'training' morning meal. A balance bar at 5:00, then a banana. Some Xtinguisher 30 minutes before the swim start. No traffic problems, got to transition about 5:30. It was nice to help other set up, took my mind off my own nerves.

Swim: 25:21
My start was a little slow. I like to position myself as far in the lake as possible since I only breath to my left, then there is less chance of gulping water if no one is on that sid of me. But for some reason people were swimming diagonally across in front of me from the right so it took a while to swim freely. I had no idea where the buoys were because of the sun glare. And I didn't dare take my goggles off because they were on good and NOT leaking at the time. So I sighted more than normal to make sure I was still in the pack of swimmers. After the first turnaround, I was finally able to get in a decent rhythm and have room to swim. Water temperature was perfect. After the last buoy coming into shore is when I hit the seaweed. Here I was very thankful for spending my summer in the lagoons and beaches of NJ so I was very used to seaweed. So I didn't freak me out, but it did slow be down :)

T1: 2:26
I was really making an effort this race to run through transition and be faster. So I was happy with this, a minute faster then my usual T1. No sips, snacks, or enduralytes, save that for the bike.

Bike: 1:04:07
I went through one bottle of water/XTR mix and took an enduralyte about half-way in. My legs felt really tired on the hills. My fault in the prior week training. I usually run on Thursday am ~ 7 miles but I added a run Wednesday too and my legs didn't recover by Sunday. My bike ended up being 2 minutes slower than IG last August. I also have not trained as much on the bike as the swim and run.

T2: 2:00
Again, tried to be speedy and took a minute off this time too. Decided not to take anything with me, just hit the water stops. I did have to hit the porta-potty outside transition though.

Run: 31:08
Uggh, what can I say, my run still stinks compared to what I am able to do in training. But it is getting better and my anxiety was a little better. It hit later in the run this time and I forced myself NOT to walk. I ran VERY slowly but didn't stop and just kept talking myself through it. I had only 3 panic attacks and got through them better than before. I found a great book that is helping so if anyone is interested, email me and I'll give you the info. And it was a minute faster than last year.

So overall, I beat my IG time last year by 6 seconds :) Not much but I'll take it! I would have thought a year of training would show some more improvement.

I really loved being out there and hanging out with everyone! MMTC, thanks for all the cheers, pictures, and great tent. Those smoothies were the BEST!