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Race Result

Racer: Dean Siedlecki
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 50 - 54
Time: 2:53:47
Overall Place: 622 / 1590
Age Group Place: 15 / 29
Comment: Wet Day, GR8 MMTC Tent / Support - 21st Columbia - Crashed

Race Report:

This race day always start early. Had some trouble sleeping. Ate early in the late afternoon / early evening, so that I could purge early race morning and not have to duck in the woods on the run course, as I have in other Columbia races.

Race morning, go out of bed 5:30!!! lots later than I had planned..burned the road to Centential on Centenial lane to come in the back way..and this worked out and parked on the grassy area on the right, between the transition area and the swim start..much better than some cars I saw parked over part way down the run course past the play set at the top of the 1st hill..

Get to transition, get marked, set-up my transition area, uncover the bike, STILL raining, everything is wet!!! Use one ground cloth to cover my transition towel / bike shoes / run shoes.

Make the mistake of moving my bike from my spot to the end of the rack, which was wide open. Saw Bill Wheeler at MMTC tent later and says that a race official almost DQed me for that bright idea, but Bill stopped them and my stuff was moved back...Big Thanks to Master Bill, for saving me!!!

Swim goes reasonably well, as Clydesdales are the LAST WAVE...and we start about 8:45...reality check, by the time I finish the swim, the first pro is finishing the complete race!!! Time 30:30, thought I was going to finish under 30, but not bad.

Get to bike in MOsh pit, have duct tap on bike shoes, and don't keep shoes on bike pedal this year, as have done in the past, just to not have the difficult task of getting my feet in the shoes while riding on wet road.

1st year using my new (used - via Ebay) Zipp 808 wheels...MAN ARE They light and fast!!! So easy to roll. Thinking I going to set a PR for the bike course.. Burning the bike course and passing some competitors, like they are standing still..but always letting them know I am passing. Only about 1 competitor passes me the entire time.

Get to the Homewood / Folly's Courner round-about on the way back, and the next thing I know, another racer trys to pass me in the round-about and SLAMS into me, and knocks me on the grass!!! I AM STUNNED / BUMMED / VIVID!!! Stacy Ramos of ANTS, saw the incident and let me know what had really happened. This was another Clydesdale and she overheard him say he use Really bad judgment, and should not have tried to pass me. That is some comfort, with the entire incident “costing” more than 10 minutes, from crash, getting chain back on, to loss of momentum, etc.

26 years of doing Tria, and 1st crash in a race, and luckily, crashed on the grass and though the front Zipp is scratch, bike and I am OK. Time: 1:23:08

Get to T2 and almost lost it going down the hill, and into a bike rack, but get out of T2 and take run easier, as no chance of competing for an award now. Run time: 53:54.

Great MMTC tent / support and Club. MMTC Rocks.

Deano (Crash) Speedo.