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Race Result

Racer: Bill Wheeler
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 13, 2010
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Male 45 - 49
Time: 5:47:43
Age Group Place: 63 / 277
Comment: Hot, Humid, Humbling

Race Report:

We all new what was going to happen, but we were all hoping we were wrong. It was great seeing all the new folks and vets together at dinner. Although everyone had on happy faces you could still sense the apprehension. It was in the jokes, the laughter, on the smiles, in the really couldn't miss it.

We had a good 30 people filling the entire upstairs at Snappers, plus 5 or so more downstairs. I was really hungry after doing a Saturday afternoon short workout with Chip too. We did a 1/2 swim, 20 minute bike, and 15 minute run. The heat and humidity and wind weren't really factors on Saturday.

Race Day:
Stepped outside at 5:30, damn it's pretty sticky. I get to the park and Krupcake mentions something about a no-wetsuit-swim. I understand this was the first time in 19 years that E-man was a no-wetsuit-swim.

The swim:
Best swim I've ever had (comfort wise). It was truly a comfortable easy swim accept for the current and bad sighting techniques on the way back. I kept getting pushed towards the shore and I didn't really trust the buoys because of announcement made prior to the swim start that the buoys were drifting off course. I zigged and zagged from shore to buoy on my way in...kinda like a friggin' Jellyfish! ;-) I got out of the water and felt like a million bucks, refreshed, strong, and ready to roll....55 minutes later.

Little trouble with my jersey but I was out in 2:12, not to shabby.

The Bike:
Rode with a strict target heart rate in mind 155 max at 165. I was willing to take what the bike gave me at that hrt. I pushed the last 10 miles with a hrt of 163 (my AT). I averaged 156 hrt for the 56 mile bike. I was happy and felt pretty good setting up for the run except I had a bit of a rock in my belly. I can usually get over this.....not today. 2:42 on the bike for 20.7 mph, slow for me but I wasn't complaining on a day like that.

Cake 2:10

The Run:
FRIGGIN OUCH! I took ice and water at every stop. Pouring 3 cups of ice water over my head each time. I could only sip about a half cup of water or Gatorade each stop. I nearly drown myself in a cup of Gatorade and one point. Now I know what it feels like to snort Gatorade....I don't recommend it. I refused to look at my watch the entire run. I only just found out my splits by looking online. I had a 8:53 pace for the first half and a 10+ pace for the second half. 2:04 minutes! That last mile was too much, I was officially D - O - N - E! Cooked, gassed, vacant, if I was a cartoon my eye's would have looked like pinwheels.

I was hallucinating at some point on the run and could have sworn I say a tall man in nothing but a Speedo, with the word SPEEDO written across his bum.....naah, no way. I really didn't see that did I?

It was great passing out at the club tent. I vaguely remember talking about this and that. I think Amy got me turkey sandwich that I just barely kept down. AWESOME CLUB!!!!

I'd like to think Chuck and Michele for the home stay at Chuck's parents! You'll never experience better Eastern Short hospitality than at the Potter's! They have an awesome Golden retriever too. Chuck and Michele have Visla (sp) toooooo cute...I love dogs!

Next year?...not sure I'll do this beast again unless they have race day registration! ;-)