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Race Result

Racer: Gwen Musk
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 45 - 49
Time: 3:29:26
Overall Place: 1366
Age Group Place: 51
Comment: First Columbia Tri and the ghastly abrasion

Race Report:

My First Columbia Tri-
Age group: Women 45 +

Swim 34:21 remarkably uneventful with the exception of one unplanned swallow of “living lake”.

T1 was 5:22 Abominable! I’ve gotten ready for work faster than that before. (But not in mud.)

Bike 1:42:06 I’m happy with it considering how conservatively I rode. I was on the lookout for anything that would give me a flat and slowed before curves. That was my first ride ever in wet conditions and the goal was to not get hurt. Used a camelback for easier access to fluids, perhaps overly cautious….but it held my tools, mini pump and spare tube nicely. Ate 5 easily accessed shot blocks.

T2 2:56 I decided to put on fresh socks for the run, which I had to dig around for in my bag. I felt it was worth it though. Ate a couple of orange slices. So refreshing!

Run 1:04:42 The highlight was finally dropping the only other woman in my age group I’d seen on the bike course (the rest must have been ahead of me!). Finished strong, so probably should have expended more of that energy throughout the course instead of saving so much for the end.

Now for the mysterious abrasion: I felt no rubbing throughout the entire race. Used Body glide liberally, but not all the way up to the hairline on the back of my neck. I felt very comfortable in the wet suit, and don’t see how it could have caused the abrasion, but there is definitely a 1.5” wide x .5” high abrasion just below my hair line. Only discovered while showering after the race, because it stung pretty badly. Upon showing it to my husband, (insert British accent here) he said “it’s ghastly! What have you done to your neck?” Wow, thanks for making me feel better!

The MMTC tent was awesome! The camaraderie, hugs, help with the wet suit, food (many thanks to the genius that brought the Nutella!), cover from the rain. What a great group it is!! I’m glad I joined.
Gwen Musk