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Race Result

Racer: Gwen Musk
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 22, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 45 - 49
Time: 2:13:01
Overall Place: 587 / 1839
Age Group Place: 75 / 233
Comment: Rain at all 3 Tri's I did this year

Race Report:

I no longer care what gets wet in transition. Forget the bags in attempt to have dry shoes or handle bars, I learned at the first two rainy races that it’s futile. This perspective helped my transitions a lot.
Pre-race nutrition: oatmeal and coffee. A glass of FRS orange drink (Lance’s secret weapon). A banana and half a gel at the tent.
Swim: 27:15 Got stuck in the porta-jane line and barely made it to my swim wave. My watch was 4 minutes slow and that didn’t help. I was the last one in the water with 10 seconds to spare before the start. No treading water for me this time! I started swimming from the ramp with hardly anyone around me until approaching the turn buoys. I only got punched once – in the head- and it didn’t affect my goggles so I kept going. I know I swam faster than last year since I have learned a more efficient stroke, but the extra distance took extra time. I sighted by just lifting my eyes out of the water and not trying to breath at the same time. Kept swimming until there was nothing but ground and then got out of the water. Friendly faces of Bob and Sadj and off I went!
T1: 3:36 Ran to my bike and was quickly ready to go but the quick release on my front wheel snagged through my neighbor’s pedal. That was awkward to unhook under the rack with lots of gear around me.
Bike: 1:05:46 I was surprised to see 108 coned off and no cars flying down the road at 55mph. That was nice. The road was wet but I’m more comfortable riding in the rain since Diamond in the Rough Tri. I passed countless people. The riders were all over the road. I refused to cross the yellow line and ended up shouting people’s names from their race numbers. This is the first time I’ve been in one of the later waves and I’ve never seen so many people on the road at one time. I experimented with only using the two bigger rings on my triple and leaving granny alone this time. My time was 3 seconds slower than last year. Chalk it up to traffic? I certainly felt stronger. I had two FRS chews and two shot bloks. Drank water. Choked down one Enduralyte because it had wedged between my two chews and I had no choice but to swallow it. The FRS chews made my tongue really red which I only noticed when I was looking at Geoff’s pictures.
T2: 1:56 Uneventful.
Run: 34:28 10:09 minute mile. I ran at the top range of my HR zone 4 the entire way. I am disappointed with this time. I have been running slower all summer despite twice weekly interval training, Wednesday Run Bike Runs and running with Striders on Saturday mornings. I went to one of Jim’s track sessions but the heat, sun, and humidity was always so bad at that time of day, I didn’t return. I’m attributing the slower running to my 8 lb weight gain since this time last year. This is a lesson to note; do not gain weight; it really does slow you down. My run last year was 32:09. I am seeing a doc about the weight gain, so I will resolve it somehow, I am hopeful.

All in all a fun day and it was fun to see a few of my co-workers to cheer on.

Thanks for the hug from Bob at the finish line. Thanks Bob and Sadj for being there for all of us. And thanks to all the volunteers for a great job. And Geoff for taking pics too.