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Race Result

Racer: Kim Sheridan
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 45 - 49
Time: 3:17:03
Overall Place: 1178 / 1583
Age Group Place: 43 / 79
Comment: Sometimes, change is good!

Race Report:

I registered for Columbia Triathlon many months ago when it opened, having no idea at the time all that would happen between then and the race. I ended up with a hip injury over the winter that put an end to my training for about 8 weeks…when I was finally able to get started again it was lacrosse season---with both girls playing for their high school team and me as team manager, again, little time for any consistent training. I fit in what I could, when I could. I also didn’t realize that their prom was the Friday night before CT, meaning no sleep the critical two nights before! I decided doing the race would be a game-day decision…I had registered for Eagleman too, so figured that would be my goal. Well, I also did everything else you’re not supposed to do right before a race… I had gotten a new bike in the fall and it just wasn’t feeling good at all---love the bike but really needed a bike fit. So, I got a bike fit----drastic changes----on Wednesday before the race. Got a new saddle too… and added aerobars. And since I had been trying to figure out nutrition, I decided to try something new for that too. I also added a new style water bottle and mount that a friend had asked me to try...I figured why not, at this point!
When I awoke to the torrential rain, thunder and lightning, I thought wow, maybe this is a sign…but, I just can’t do it…can’t give up on something I committed to…just not in me. So I packed up and headed out. Turned out to be a great day and a great race for me---improved my times in every event over last year, and got a PR for my Olympic distance races! Hey, who says change isn’t good!!!
I love MMTC and am so happy and proud to be a part of this amazing club...being there with everyone on Sunday was so much fun and the support and friendships are the best! Seeing all the MMTC colors on the course and of the cheering sectons was awesome!
I did face a tough decision before the race on Sunday though…. I had my new MMTC singlet and shorts laid out next to my Team Fight singlet and shorts…I was trying to decide which to wear for the race. MMTC is and always will be my club and is very near and dear to my heart….Team Fight is my team, and it’s about a cause that is very special and important to me. I thought about it all for a I thought through it, I realized that wearing my MMTC gear would be for me---for everyone to know I was part of the club, for me to hear the cheers “GO Mid Maryland”, for me to be recognized as pat of the group. Wearing my TEAM FIGHT gear would be for the cause, to raise awareness for the Ulman Cancer Fund, to prompt questions about Team Fight and the UCF...and give us the chance to help someone that’s life is affected by if by wearing my Team Fight gear even one person was helped, it was all worth it. Wearing my Team Fight gear was about helping others, not about me, and that made my day even more special. This is the first year that I have raced for a cause....before it was just for me. It is amazing how rewarding it is and what a difference it makes... And certainly brings an appreciation for all that we take for granted that we are able to do, when thinking of those who cannot. So on Sunday, I raced for all of the young adults whose lives are affected by cancer...and wow, was that awesome!