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Race Result

Racer: Gloria Serrao
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 50 - 54
Time: 3:25:04
Overall Place: 1303 / 1601
Age Group Place: 18 / 28
Comment: PR for This Distance!

Race Report:

I love everyone's race reports! Great humor, British accents, phone conversations in the cars during the rain – great stuff!

This was my second Columbia definitely not as nervous this year as last! I am now friends with my wet suit! This was a “training run” in prep for Eagleman. Let's face it, if there wasn't a race - I would have been lying in bed....!

I am fortunate that I have a neighbor and tri-buddy, Jeanine – and we have sort of a routine for this race. It helps to know you have a pal to meet and generally be nervous with at o-dark thirty! I really appreciated the cheering squad from Mid Maryland Tri AND my swim team! It was so great that people came out in that dreary weather to cheer us on! Very thankful that I did not get cold before the race, in a lot of ways the temperature was great! Also really appreciated the tent! Cookies at the end tasted so very good as did the coffee!

Swim 31:04 Swim was great – but I knew my sighting was a bit off and I went a little wide – accounts for a minute slower than last year 9j ( just 30 seconds). Felt good when I got out and ready to ride!

T1: 5:27 - Transitions were slow, and muddy...

Bike 1:37:41 (15.6 mph) (6 minutes faster than last year) As I started the bike I looked at my computer and saw all zeros, the magnet must have gotten twisted, but I did not really feel like fixing it and decided to ride by “feel” just watching the cadence which was registering. Although I started out slow, I enjoyed it more and more as time went on. I felt like a kid playing in all the puddles – thought it was (again) great that I was not cold nor hot – just wet and comfy!! My friends had told me about those 35 – 39 year old men passing by with their ziff wheels – I rather enjoyed it – tried to stay out of their way, but it kept me busy trying to recognize who they were, etc. and I enjoyed the MMTC cheers! Kim Sheridan!! You should see the shot they got of me on the bike, you are right behind me ready to pass me – I will HAVE to buy it because we both look so determined!

T2: 2:48

Run (1:08:06 – 10:58 ) As soon as I got off the bike (actually all week prior to the race) I knew my SI joint was NOT going to be happy during the 6 miles. (Note to self: Do not do a “all-out” 5K during Columbia training next year!) I saw Theresa Byrnes, my message lady, as I started and wished for an instant “message cure” – but I had to run – I yelled something stupid, like “HI – my back hurts!” Not to worry, shorten the stride – shuffle on.... I know my running has improved, my time shows only a slight improvement over last year but I can tell I ran more “upright” which means my core and other muscles have improved. (3 minutes faster than last year) Jeanine passed me in the neighborhood which meant she was doing great and following her “plan” - I might have to start doing more of that heart rate”plan' sort of stuff that she does!? Relieved to see the finish line – hope to be free of pain by Eagleman!! Great after race chatting, happy faces, hugs and thanks to Alice for the pics!! A huge shout out to those who did this as their first race, it's a difficult one!

Total Time 3:25:04 18/28 in Age Group 1303/1601 Overall

Future goals - get 1 mph faster on the bike, take about 10 minute off! -- get 2 mph faster..... (get working computer!)