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Race Result

Racer: Gloria Serrao
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 13, 2010
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Female 50 - 54
Time: 7:16:06
Overall Place: 1284
Age Group Place: 24 / 32
Comment: Individual sport - but sure glad so many of you were there to SHARE it!!

Race Report:

Appreciate everyone's race report and felt tons better about my first HIM after Chip and Jelly, Bill, etc. said it was tough! Volunteers – THANKS – loved the lady who said “thank you for coming to Dorchester County!” in this cherry voice.... at Mile 9 or so...(I was ready never to see that county again..)

I truly enjoy the day before a race - yes some anxiety – but very social!! It was enjoyable to share it with Jeanine, Jim and Josette (Gary, my husband also appreciated their company and he did not have to hear all about my plans – what to eat, move, wear, etc.).

A.M. Breakfast (yeah peanut butter and oatmeal!) – and out the door with Jeanine – we rode the shuttle which was very convenient until you finished the race and had to figure out how to get your body and the bike back to that school you were at – o-dark-thirty...? Fortunately, our husband's worked out that issue.... as we plopped ourselves on the ground by our bikes after the race ;-)

Swim 51:42
I love to swim – never did it competitively, didn't really swim “correctly” until the Mike Jacobson and the gang at the Y helped me to stop spinning my arms like windmills! But, I am blessed, because I enjoy the feeling of swimming.
No time to get in a tight huddle or have start commotion – as the start went “get in – 60 seconds, 10, 2, go! I think the majority of the swimmers in my wave were a bit startled and just took off with the buoy in sight! Felt great coming out of the swim!

T1: 3:19 – very happy with this – wanted to step it up a bit in my transitions.

Bike 3:20:22 (almost 17mph ... getting there)

Really enjoyed the bike! So glad I got entry-level bike fitted at Princeton and used Aero bars (thanks for all the tips from people that said you REALLY need aero bars! Miles went by fast, prayed for some of my good friends to keep my mind occupied – prayers were choppy thought -- went something like “I pray for Sally's family...(bike passes). he's 39 years old, and especially her ….(bike passes).45 years old (funny experience!) Did bottle exchanges so completely finished 1 water, 1 gatorade and then did about another 1/2 of both. Ate fig newtons (about 4) -- (more food next time)....

The turtle scuttling across the road was also a hoot! I was the only one saying “turtle! , watch the turtle!” as about 5 bikes whizzed by me.....

Actually put sun screen on at one time during the bike! (It was planned but next time, I think I like the spray idea) --- Was very pleased that my freckled body did not get burned! (Met a Major goal ;-)

T2: 4:26

Well, I needed to pee, so I looked around but remembered there were potties on the course – keep moving – good initial goal!

Run 2:56:17

Dogged the run – mental battle first three miles – overheard that a lady had quit at Mile 1 – immediately thought “that's an idea!!” “what do I have to prove, I don't have to do this? …... Then, Chip when speeding past me at like mile 1 ½ with some sort of encouraging remark – so I thought – well, I'd better start really running (shuffling that it was).....Also – I HAD the shirt, I bought the MAGNET! Then there is my friend Kathie who thinks I can do this and Scott Middleton who really thinks I'm ready cause now my core is strong! And Karen – all that PT work can't go to waste! – OK, I'd better go..... Promised myself a GUI at mile 3; Got to mile 3, said that was a trick, now go to mile 4! Once I got to mile 4 started to feel like I could do this thing – just was going to be slow.... The GUI helped. Darn! Left my sport beans on the bike! They are usually my big motivator! I needed electrolyte tabs (according to Jeanine) but I did not have the wear-with-all to get them in – only downed one. (must experiment with these – Jeanine felt better on the run than I did - but I also think she trained harder ;-)) Could NOT have done this without the ICE !

Best moment – friend Jim ran up beside me and said “yep, here we are Gloria, living the life!” - this was so funny it kept me going for miles! Snow cone motivated me and I carried all the way to mile 8. Mile 8 was when I knew I could finish – keep plugging along – then the conversations started – people running out providing information to me (I had a flat!, you look good, etc.) I was tired but somehow (!) got chatty... with a 57 year old Kona lottery winner, a 60+ year old man who had been trained by his daughter, After Mile 11, some folks said congratulations! Well, that was neat – I'm going to finish!! Scott (MMTC) was feeling rough so we muddled through that long last mile. Yeah! I'm done – boy I feel great (how quickly that changes)! My hubby is there and Jeanine comes in just after me – she booked it on the run and would have caught up – just needed another mile but NOBODY wanted that!

After Note:
I need to do some of that Zone training stuff that I have avoided for my 20+ years of running and biking! Thanks to Theresa Symonds for the after-race massage – kept me moving on Monday - I was hurting and could not imagine how massage would help but it did!! I did absolutely no exercise for three days!! It's called a Triathlete Sabbath....