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Race Result

Racer: Adam Weddington
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 2:37:46
Overall Place: 282 / 1529
Age Group Place: 31 / 141
Comment: Triathlon cures colds?

Race Report:

Was really looking forward to this years race, mainly because I felt that my fitness was a bit better than last year and I was well rested. Started coming down with something Saturday. Went for an easy swim workout with our homestay pro Angi Axmann, who for those who didn't get a chance to meet her, is awesome! The swim workout was the only time I felt good all day. Woke up several pounds lighter Sunday soaked in sweat, but otherwise ok. Figured I'd go through the motions and get bodymarked, but wasn't sure I'd start the race. With the delays, my wave wasn't starting until 7:55, so I had a good hour to make up my mind. I watched the pros swim and then figured what the hell, as long as I don't pass out my wetsuit will keep me afloat and I could just plug along. So I ate some fruit snacks and a banana from the club tent (thanks to all who set that up, it was awesome). I got into my wetsuit about 10 minutes before the start and figured I'd do the swim and then abandon if I was feeling too bad. Treading water before the start I got really cold, so I was relieved when the horn went off. Started off hard for the first 50 meters, I always do that to avoid the crowd. But then I settled in at a pace that felt comfortable for the rest of the swim. Given how crappy I was feeling and the level of effort, I was pretty happy with the swim. Got onto the bike and the legs felt ok until I got to the first climb. Felt ok on the flats and passed tons of folks on the downhill sections, but had to drop it into the small ring on all the big hills. All things considered not a bad ride. Took two bottles of gatorade on the bike, even though the weather was cool I drank all of one and half the second bottle. Took it easy on the run, drank gatorade and water at every aid station. Looking back I didn't really feel sick during the race. Felt like crap when I got home again though, maybe I should have just kept running... Glad I got out of bed to do the race, it was great to see so many folks in MMTRI gear! Angi had a rough day with a flat on the bike that led to a crash and the end of her race, but she handled it with a smile and a great attitude. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control. We made a new friend and had some fun, so another good weekend.
swim- 21:50
bike- 1:16:44
run- 55:09