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Race Result

Racer: Adam Weddington
Race: Celebration Sprint Triathlon
Date: Sunday, June 27, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 1:38:58
Overall Place: 19 / 1400
Age Group Place: 3 / 91
Comment: A great First Annual Celebration tri

Race Report:

Was looking forward to this race, because my first three races of the year weren't the best. I was overcome by the heat in Guam, not very focused at Cascade Lake, and sick as a dog at Columbia last month. Felt ok this morning, although I may have overeaten the last couple of days (I love food, probably explains my slow progress on body composition). My wife dropped me off at the park and headed up to Baltimore to set a 5k pr at the Baltimore women's 5k. Great job honey! So I didn't have her in my pit crew, but was happy to see the Mid MD tents set up again. What a great club! Kudos to all the volunteers.

My swim wave was at 7:55, and I got off to a good fast start. Navigation was a bit tough on the outward leg, quite a bit of sun glare. The kayaks helped a lot on the way out, they were easier to see than the buoys. Once I made the turn it was much easier. I felt like I maintained a good steady pace, but was a bit surprised at my swim time (17:26). I did have to weave through folks in the waves ahead, that may have hurt my time a little. Most likely it was a combination of no wetsuits, the crowd, and the swamp grass... Felt like the creature from the black lagoon when I came out of the water.

Got through T1 in 2:09. Not bad, but if I practiced a bit I know I could cut that down a bit. I was 2nd in my wave out of the water, and got caught by one 30-34 guy (he eventually won our AG) right after the turn back onto Folly Quarter from Jumpers Hill. Could see him and the swim leader and had plans to keep them in my sights for the rest of the ride. Was still within striking distance at the turnaround, and then I caught a bit of bad luck getting stuck behind a pickup truck on the way back down the hill. There was a slower rider in front of the truck, and with the oncoming riders the truck could use opposite lane to pass. So I missed out on a good portion of that long down slope before I found room to slip by the truck. Lost sight of the two leaders, but I held my pace pretty well through the rest of the ride. (50:45, 20.7 mph).

T2 was ok (1:19), same issues as T1, could use some refining.

I was quite hot on the run, but maintained a pretty steady pace. Got a bit of a headache in the first mile, I think the heat may have gotten to me a bit. Dumped some cold water on my head on the Gatorade hill, which felt great. It was cool to see some familiar faces at that aid station. Still feel like my running has the most room for improvement. I may attempt my first marathon next year, so I will definitely put some work in this winter. Finished feeling pretty good. I have never raced well in the heat, and I think I am finally realizing how much fluid I need (lots).. Run time 27:22

Ended up 19th overall, and 3rd in the 30-34 age group. Overall I am quite happy. I know I can lower my run times a great deal with some good training and some more weight loss. I'm not actively trying to shed pounds, I think it will come of naturally with more training, and with less fast food and beer... Looking forward to my next races. Might go to DITRT or New Jersey the week after that, and am thinking about the Luray tri in August.

Once again thanks to the club members who ran the tent and were out at the aid station. Great to have a place to hang out before and after the race. See you all next time!