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Race Result

Racer: Scott Moffet
Race: SavageMan 70.0
Date: Sunday, September 19, 2010
Location: Deep Creek, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Time: 6:06:00
Age Group Place: 13 / 68
Comment: Great race to end the year.

Race Report:

I signed for Savageman back in the spring on the advice of Mike Stepanek, who assured me that the race could be done on “residual fitness” from Lake Placid. This was before I realized his LP time would be 2.5 hours faster than mine. Oh well, I could use the race as a chance to end the year on a high note after a tough IMLP.
Due to the fact that Savageman was scheduled for the day after Yom Kippur, I was unable to get to the race site on Saturday to get my packet and rack my bike. I had e-mailed the race director and they were very accommodating, one of the many advantages of doing a small race. Fortunately, my wave did not start until almost 9:00, so I was able to get up and out of the house by 4:00 and have plenty of time to get to Deep Creek and take care of all the pre-race setup.
Swim: 27:18 2/68
As always, the best part of my race is over way too quickly. My goal was to take it as easy as possible to save my energy for when it was really needed. After the first turnaround, I found 2 pairs of feet to follow and I stayed on them for the last .75 miles. Had I known no one was ahead of them, I might have tried to get past them, it would have been cool to get a first place age group swim.
T1: 4:18 22/68

Took my time, walked most of the way to my bike. I came prepared for much cooler weather, I chose not to use the arm warmers or the full finger gloves and had no problems with the temperature.
Bike: 3:23:46 16/68

This is why we come here. Got aero, pointed myself downhill for the first 18 miles, resting for the wall. Just like my practice rides, I forgot just how steep the first 2 steps of the hill are and managed to get myself quite worried while looking up at the wall. When I got to the bottom of the wall, I looked up and saw about 10 people climbing and tried to circle for a second to let them clear. Them someone yelled at me “No Resting” so I quickly became sufficiently motivated to get started. I am told there was music and screaming spectators, but I heard nothing and saw only cobblestones until I got near the top and had Bob Reid in my face telling to keep going. Since Stacey got up with me at 4:00AM and drove all the way to see me climb the wall, I could not disappoint and powered up the rest of the way.

Then the ride got difficult. The next mile after the wall is probably the hardest on the course, trying to climb at 10+ grades while trying to recover from the effort on the wall. I just kept telling myself to keep a steady pace, weaved a bit on Miller or Maynardier, but finished about 30 minutes faster than my 2 training rides.

T2: 2:14 14/68

Felt surprisingly good.

Run: 2:08:27 25/68

My goal was to run as much as possible. I ended up running everything except the fire road and about ½ the campground hill on each loop, finishing only 20 seconds off of my 2009 Eagleman run time. I also only lost 1 place in the run and passed someone in my age group, probably for the first time in any tri.

End result: 6:06:00 13/68

It appears that training for an Ironman gets you into more than enough shape to get you through the rest of the year while not having to kill yourself training. Thanks to Stacey for coming up to support, Scott Laborwit for his hospitality before and after the race and Bob Reid for pushing the pace on our Wednesday night all out brick workout.