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Race Result

Racer: Lindsay O'Steen
Race: Clyde's American 10K
Date: Sunday, April 18, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Run - 10 km
Age Group: Female 25 - 29
Time: 59:27:55
Overall Place: 744 / 1292
Age Group Place: 296 / 612
Comment: So much for chip timing

Race Report:

So this was my first time running Clyde’s and I really enjoyed it. Running in the cool morning felt really good and it was nice to see lots of friendly faces from the club.

So I really ran the race a bit faster but some how my chip and gun time are the exact same despite the fact I started WAY back from the start. I have never had a problem with chip timed races so I am a bit disappointed that it did not work but in the grand scheme of things it does not really matter. According to my watch I ran the race in under 57min and I am ok with that time all things considered.

I monitored my heart rate and tried to keep it down in the 170’s (yes, I know I have a ridiculously high HR as soon as I stand up let alone run) and just run at a comfortable pace and I felt fine after I was done so it worked well. This was my first race in months (I ran the Baltimore Marathon in October) and I was glad I decided to run. I have been sick for 10+ months now and over the last few months every day seems to be a challenge with some days being better than others. In just the last few months I have been diagnosed with asthma, a low white count, and found out I had mono when I ran in Baltimore. My doctors are still trying to sort through a slue of crazy symptoms like constant fatigue and chest pain that is not from my heart and rashes when I run or get hot that no one can seem to make sense of. I have high hopes my doctors will figure all of this out soon but… until then I may as well do some of the things I enjoy even if I am a bit slow. I am looking forward to the Columbia Tri and my first Olympic distance race.

I could not find the age group #s on the website so my “age group” is also just gender