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Race Result

Racer: Lindsay O'Steen
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 25 - 29
Time: 3:16:57
Overall Place: 1173 / 1583
Age Group Place: 35 / 61
Comment: I finished my first Olympic Tri! And caution this is a long RR.

Race Report:

I started tri's last year and did a few sprints and decided I wanted more so I signed up for Columbia. So many of you know I have had some health problems for many months now and it well it has been interesting and quite the learning experience. I have not really been able to train but I did get out onto the bike course a few times I think 5 in total so that was good but with a plantar fasciitis flare up after the Fredrick half I was a big bum up until the race.

So race morning I woke up at 3:30 to a loud clap of thunder and the pouring rain and thought to my self I must be nuts! So I tried to doze for another half hour or so and then it was time to get up and rolling. I had my standard cup of coffee and a Luna bar as opposed to my oatmeal and was out of the house at 4:30. I got to the park before 5 parked in the mud pit put on my headlamp and walked over to get marked. I know now this was the first idiotic thing I did it was super early and still pouring I should have just napped in my car. So I got marked and went into transition to inspect my bike and get set up. I new I needed to pump up my tires and I had forgotten my big pump in my car (mistake number 2) so I walked over to the PS tent and asked to use one of theirs. Well it took several tries with myself holding the bike and one PS volunteer to get the pump to not release all of my air as we tried to pump it up. I went with 10-15lb below what I usually ride due to the conditions but I was not totally sure what the tire pressure was because when we disconnected the pump it released some air as well but I was too wet to care at that point. So I set up my stuff and covered it with a poncho and left transition to meet up with my friend who was coming to watch the race. I sat in her car and chatted with her until I realized I had forgotten to put my rescue inhaler on my transition pile and that could be a big problem on the off chance I had issues (little did I know). So I headed back through the mud pit to transition to put my inhaler where it needed to be. I soon discovered that I had a small swimming pool on the top of my stuff and this is when I realized I should have just waited to set up until the very last minute. I next proceeded to the MMTC tent in hopes of finding smiling faces and on the walk over it stopped raining. Thank you to all of the MMTC tent folks I was too nervous to eat but it was so nice to see everyone and the food looked amazing. I have to give a big thanks to Todd he is my hero in the mud on crutches! So I put my wet suit on and waited with nervous anticipation at my first Olympic distance swim.

Swim: 31.57 Considering I had 1 OWS and only 1 swim in my new wet suit! Yay Xtera and I had not had that much time in the pool I was very pleased with my swim time. I only got kicked in the face once and it was a soft kick so I was happy that I not only finished but turned in an ok time.

T1 4.34 T1 did not go so well I got my wet suit off with no problem It just took me a while I had to have dry socks and I almost ran off without the inhaler again. I was so glad I duct taped my shoes thank you to who ever told me to do that! It was totally worth the extra bit of time.

Bike: 1.35.07 Bike was a bit scary in the beginning I had never ridden after that much rain so I was more cautious than usual and I knew my back tire was low so when I saw a PS van I stopped to put more air in my back tire and the handling was sooo much better after that. I drank lots of water on the bike and I felt great heading into T2

T2-1.46 I was ready in 1 min and then I stopped because I kept feeling like I was forgetting something and when I finally gave up and left transition and was on the run I realized what it was… food. I am not skilled enough to take both hands off and eat on the bike yet and I really could have used some food prior to or on the run.

Run- 1.03.36 Well I knew this was not going to be fast or feel good due to my Plantar Fasciitis flare up but I did not feel so bad after the swim and the bike so I was optimistic. Surprisingly it was my inability to catch my breath and the wheeze that began to emit from my mouth somewhere on a hill before the ball fields that I had to stop and take the inhaler. Run Mistake 1 actually STOP and take the inhaler don’t just keep going and figure it will kick in and make you feel better soon and Mistake 2 coughing up lots of stuff may be a good sign you are starting to have issues. I am a new asthmatic so I am not used to worrying about these things lesson learned. Instead I was more concerned about my need to pee so when I saw the PP by the fields I was a happy camper. Then I don’t know when but it was in the last few miles I hit a hill and started wheezing again and figured this was not good and I better use the inhaler and take it a bit easier especially on the hills. I walked for a bit felt way better and could take a full breath so I cautiously started to jog I wanted to finish but I did not want to die in the process (I learned from mistake 1&2). So I continued and before I knew it I had finished my first Olympic Tri. Thank you Kim S. for the big hug after the finish! And let me also say thank you to all of the club members and friends and family of the club who gave shout outs, smiles and food Thanks! I learned a lot and I am thankful for all of you (MMTC) and for being able to participate in triathlons it is a true gift.