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Race Result

Racer: Bill Wheeler
Race: Kinetic Half IM
Date: Saturday, May 8, 2010
Location: Lake Anna, VA
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Male 45 - 49
Time: 5:29:00
Overall Place: 10
Comment: Kenitic Half Relay

Race Report:

Lake Anna is always a great venue for a race. The scenery is perfect, the lake is gorgeous, the terrain is rolling and the races are usually on the small side.

This year the lake temp was 71. That is arguably the PEFECT temp to swim in, still wetsuit legal and you won’t get hot or cold during the swim….PERFECT! Sometimes that damn like is friggin’ cold!

I hooked up with Bill Veihmeyer and we drove down together. We stayed with Chuck and Michele Potter and about a dozen or so other freak of nature triathletes right on the lake. I love going into a house and seeing it lined wall to wall with bikes and gear! We got down around 10:15 PM or so everyone but a few were already in bed. Slept well that night and woke up rested and ready to race!....Too bad it was only 2:30 AM! At least I felt rested and ready.

Finally see Chuck and Michele in the morning. For those of you who don’t know Chuck and Michele here’s how cool they are. They had their wedding atop Blue Knob and had 5K trail run before the wedding,… in the pouring rain. I think my daughter may have won in the woman’s race, but who’s keeping score. ;-) Chuck and Michele are also known as “The Mayor” and “Racer X”. Ask anybody in Cambridge, MD and they’ll tell you that Chuck is the unofficial Mayor of that town. Racer X is a nationally ranked, long course duathlon champ! It’s always good to see these two endurance freaks. I downed my standard oatmeal, raisin and brown sugar race day breakfast. Then Bill V. and I made our way to the lake for packet pickup by 6:00 AM.

Saw a few other familiar faces from MMTC, Steve (Le Freak) Minenger, Mark Applegate and Abby Glassberg. Team Fight had a full crew in affect and their results are nothing less than amazing. I don’t know what that Serpico family eats, but I want some!!!!! Susie Serpico took FIRST Place among women and pretty much annihilated a large portion of the men’s field too! Team Fight had PR’s ALL AROUND….IN TOUGH conditions.

I was racing with Racer X our relay team was appropriately named The Gimpy Jellyfish (Racer X coming off some rehab on her leg).

The Race. Well as stated before the water temp was perfect, but severe wind cause chop that would rival E-man Choptank swim. I did a few laps close to shore as a warm-up and it didn’t seem too bad…or so I thought.

I started it the last wave As I was starting the first swimmer was coming ashore. On the way out, at times it seemed that I was swimming vertical. No possible way for me to get a rhythm prior to the first turn buoy. After the first turn, I was in good rhythm and passing many people in the wave ahead of me. So far so good I’m bilateral breather but I had no choice but to breathe on my right side or suffer sucking in wave after wave. I was actually making pretty good time all the way to the second and last turn. After that turn I was head towards shore,….or so I thought. My goggles were a foggy but I didn’t want to stop. I figure I could just sight on a big white tent on the shore and make it home. Don’t know what happened, wind, waves…me ;-), but next think I know a kayaker stops me and says I’m going the wrong way! I was back tracking where I just came from…JEEZE it only seemed like seconds since I made my turn! I stopped, dunked my goggles, and got back on course.

I finished the 1.2 miles in 34 and change, not to bad even with my mistake. Either the wind gave us a good push towards the shore or that course may have been short. Either way we all swam the same course.

I hand off my chip to Racer X and she’s off into wind. The winds were gusting up to 50 mph out there!!! I did hear of one rider that did get blown down, not sure of the injuries, but I hope not serious.

Now it was time to sit and wait for Racer X to get back so I could start my run. I ate some pasta, drank some CeraSport, chit chatted with other relay members and looked for SHADE!!!! It was getting warm somewhere approaching 80 F I think. ZERO humidity….that was one good thing about day. The Mayor of Cambridge was doing the relay also. He came in ahead of his better half on the bike. They had a great team. I think his swimmer came in somewhere in the top 5 overall. His runner was a young tall Boston Marathoner, capable of running a half marathon in the low 7’s…No way in hell was I going to catch him….but I was going to try.

Racer X, gets in about 10 minutes later. I take the chip back and hammer out of T2 holding NOTHING BACK from my first 3 steps. This was a 3 loop moderately hilly run. The first mile is an uphill incline away from the beach and into the park camp grounds. Similar to running through the camp grounds a Savageman, but not quite as severe. I was able to plant a bottle of my favorite drink at the water station a the start of the run. I just asked them to set it aside and I’d get it later. I GO NOWHERE WITHOUT MY CERASPORT!

My heart rate after the first mile was a solid 174, that’s about 10 beats above my Run AT (unless that has changed since March or so) I was able to throw a few sub seven miles and still feel good with my hrt bouncing between 170 and 174. I decided that I was going to hold that hrt rate until my body decided it had other plans. I made a decision early to go hard fully knowing that I’d would blow up somewhere…I just had to find out what my blowup point would be…..

First 3 miles 20:53, next 3 miles 22:30, next 3 miles 22:30, next 2 mile 14:56…

I took water at every stop. I took huge gulps of CeraSport at the start of each loop. I took a GU on the first mile of each loop.

I started to get a slight twinge in my left forearm…hmm wonder if I’m hitting my limit. After all I’ve by about 10 beats above my AT the entire run and actually came close to hitting my max hrt on my third loop out of the park. WOW, literally two steps later I felt a tremor in my left calf. I checked my heart rate and it was down to 169. Well I guess I’ve hit my limit after mile 11. Mental note to self, “Going hard 10 beat above AT will cause damage after 11 miles.” ;-)

Miles 12 and 13 where not quite a death shuffle but it was sketchy at best. Both miles were 8:30+ and 8:20+, a far cry from my 6’s and 7’s earlier. I faded across the finish line in 1:36:29 by my watch. I’ll take that any day after a nice morning swim. ;-)

Got some work to do before E-man that’s for sure!

I ate and ate after the race, bowed down to the Team Fight Freight Train, and waited for Bill V. who was doing the race in its entirety. Bill V. had a long day but brought it home in good fashion! Bill V. is another amazing character. We talked bikes and Velodrome racing the whole way back. Man the things that guy can tell you about racing and riding across the country…AMAZING! Did I mention his bike once got stolen by the son of well know political figure in MD. I won’t mention any names but think of Bobo the clown. Wait I meant Bozo….wait, no I didn’t. ;-)