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Race Result

Racer: Deb Cooley
Race: Celebration Sprint Triathlon
Date: Sunday, June 27, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Time: 2:39:54
Overall Place: 1152 / 1376
Age Group Place: 5 / 9
Comment: 'OK, ok, I'll do bricks', or 'my 2nd Tri - yeah!!'

Race Report:

This was my second (sprint) triathlon. The first was last year's Tri2Win at South Carroll Swim Club.

I had multiple goals (thanks Michelle Bull). They were:
1. Show up and participate.
2. Finish.
3. Finish in 2:30 hours counting transition times.
4. Finish the whole thing in 2 hours. Definitely a wishful thinking goal.

I also had registered as an Athena (vice 45-49F).

The morning started well. I woke up before the alarm and had PB&J on whole wheat toast w/ coffee. I ate a banana later. I left for the race at about 5:45 a little later than I intended, but no matter, parking was a breeze. I was in the first rack by the bike entrance/exit - so no counting issues for me! Setting up in transition, I used someone's pump (after they told me how to use it - duh). There was some discussion about where your stuff goes - front wheel side or back wheel side. Locally, we decided to go w/ front wheel side. What is the right answer???

Swim 24:40 (2/9A or 12th 45-49F)
This was my first OWS in a race and I was most nervous about it. I thought this was a decent time for me (in a pool, I would have expected to be sub20). I usually swim once a week, it isn't my weak link so I don't really train it. I used to swim competively as a child/teenager. I get comments on my stroke to the effect of 'gee, you are faster than you look'. I choose to take that as a compliment. Anyway, I had all the usual issues of seeing into the sun and coming out covered in sea grass. Nasty stuff, IMHO, but better than jellyfish and waves. I enjoyed passing all those orange capped men in the previous wave and then the dark green hats near the end. I had no panic issues. I was also happy that I avoided getting kicked and I think I avoided kicking others.

T1 7:11 (8/9A) Yeah, well I didn't work on this. I need to get a tri-shirt. Putting on a bike shirt while dripping wet and covered in sea grass didn't work so well for me. Had a few swallows of Heed (melon). I'll have to leave the hair dryer at home next time too :)

Bike 1:15:10 (14 mph, 3/9A or 44th 45-49F)
This was exactly what I had hoped for. I had a bottle of Heed (strawberry) on my bike and finished most of it. Princeton had re-adjusted my front derailleur the week before and I had ridden a couple of times to sort out how to make it work the way I wanted. Basically, I had to shift off my big wheel w/ no pressure on the pedals so I was going to do that before getting to a hill (Homewood, Mt. Albert). It all worked fine. I left it too long for only one hill on the way back, it wouldn't go and I was stuck slugging it out in my big wheel. I used granny twice (I have triple). That's 4-5 times less than South Carroll.

T2 3:07 (7/9A) I was actually pretty pleased with that considering... took a few more sips of Heed.

Run 49:49 (15:06 mph, 6/9A and 53th 45-49F)
Wow... this is about 10 minutes slower than I had hoped to do (my last flat 5K time was 30min). When I got off the bike, my shins were killing me. Like really bad shin splints, except I haven't had a problem with them in a couple of years (proper running shoes fixed that issue). I basically walked most of the course except the downhill sections. I've been trying to decide what the issue was and I think that I was pushing my heels down on the bike so much that the front muscle was really tired (it contracts with heels down - right?). This year I had done almost no bricks - bad move... I took water at all the stops and ice on the hill. Loved the sound of ice in a sports bra. I also had a couple of sports beans.

Lots of learning experiences for me - bricks and shirts mostly.