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Race Result

Racer: Geoff Matrangola
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 13, 2010
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 6:05:52
Overall Place: 534 / 1059
Age Group Place: 123 / 239
Comment: Hot enough for 'ya

Race Report:

* Overall = Male above (there wasn't a column for overall in the onlne results page)
I know there were women on the course, plenty passed me.

Pre Race:
Had some drama dealing with lodging. Finally decided on pulling my pop-up camper and camp at the High School with Lance and Arpad.

Saturday: Picked up Lance on the way. He was great company on the way down to Cambridge. We got there and set up camp in record time. No problems at packet pickup. I did a 40 minute bike ride and racked my bike. It was warm with no hint of the heat and humidity we would get on Sunday. The Choptank was so inviting I decided to loosen up and cool down with a swim. Very pleasant with just tri-shorts and my IMFL singlet.

Saturday Night: Nice to see some old tri-friends and meet some new people at dinner. Good pick Malissa. The Jerk Chicken Tortellini was excellent. Good pre-race food. After we got back to the HS/campsite I took a shower in the scary locker room. Slept well in the camper. A few rednecks (and I say that with the up-most respect) beeped horns and “hollered” at the tents but it was pretty quite after about 10.

Sunday Morning: We got up at 5. Ate breakfast, took down the popup and drove to the Middle School to catch the bus. No problem parking the truck with the camper in tow. Bus was efficient, friendly driver, classical music, and good conversation with other triatheletes seated near by. Marcos broke the “no wesuit” news to me. I was glad I swam yesterday in tri-kit so I actually felt pretty good about the ruling. Quick transition setup. Long line at the port-a-pot but good conversation with other tri folks. Hung out at the Club tent and caught up with some other MMTCrs. Some better dressed than others. Did Deano put a shirt on fir the bike and run or was it all Speedo all the time?

Swim: 44:53 Seeded myself at the front. Was actually leading my age group for about 50m. Fun, but not to last. I slowed as the pack spread out. After second turn I could see the swim exit and used that to site because it looked like some of the other markers were drifting right. Swim was 33:53 last year. Does the wetsuit really make that big a difference?

T1: 3:19 Quick (for me) without the wetsuit. My sunglasses weren’t there! I wiped down with the towel so the sun block would stick.

Bike: 2:48:22 Felt good. Good hydration, and food plan. A PB&J sandwich would have been nice. Less congestion than years pasted. I aged-up and the new age group goes before the 35-39 boys who like to ride in packs and draft :).

T2: 6:03 Slower because I learned that if I work out my foot cramp before I run, I run better. I also wiped down with the towel again so the second application of sun block would stick.

Run: 2:23:15 What a hot mess. I wish I was a faster runner so I could have gotten that over with sooner. Lots of encouragement out there. Positive words. Glad to be hosed down by the local residents. Grateful to see Michelle (and I was so wiped by then I’ll just call her the other tri-angle) handing out water at the last water stop.

Finish: Knowing that the tent would be there kept me going during the run. It was a welcome site. Lots of good food and a shaded place to hang out and be with great people. Took a shower at the fire truck.

The bike ride back to get the car was actually a good way to recover. No problem getting the car and camper through town to pick up Lance. Great minds think a like and we stopped at the Dairy Queen. I ordered a McFlurry (Geoff, this is Dairy Queen).

We took 644 to avoid a back up. Very grateful to have lance along to help co-pilot the way back. The conversation made the ride home go a lot faster. It was nice getting to meet two of his kids. They were a little concerned that we slept in the pop-up camper (having only seen it in the down and packed position) but seemed a little relieved when I showed them the picture of the camper popped-up with their dad in front of it.

Sleep was painful Sunday night. Too much sun and need to put body glide on my upper-arms to keep from chafing against the tri-singlet.