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Race Result

Racer: Jonathan Profili
Race: Celebration Sprint Triathlon
Date: Sunday, June 27, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Male 25 - 29
Time: 1:42:33
Age Group Place: 6 / 78
Comment: Hot day

Race Report:

I started my day by waking up at 4:15a.m.. I had a scoop of whey protein, banana, and a Hammer bar along with plenty of water. I was in transition by 5:30a.m. which I found out was way early given the fact that my wave didn't start until 8:25. On the plus side, it gave time for my food to digest and to prepare my body for the race. I took 1 Hammer gel 10 minutes before the race. Immediately upon stepping into the water i could feel the weeds growing from the bottom. The first stretch of the swim didn't go as well as expected as I was alerted by the guy in the canoe that i needed to be on the right side of the turn-around buoy, not the left. I got the correct sight, re-aligned and entered a good rhythm for the rest of the swim length. Coming out of the water I felt really good but i questioned myself as to whether or not i pushed as hard as i could have. Transition 1 was slow, they need to make the bike racks taller for larger frames so it's not such a pain to get the bike off the rack. Once on the bike i quickly got into my zone 5 heart rate and kept it there for the duration of the bike split. Up hill, down hill, i never left the areo-bars the entire time ( I placed first in my age-group for the bike split.) 30 minutes into the bike I took another Hammer gel. I went through one bottle of infinite mix and half bottle of water during the bike. Once of the bike and into the running shoes i quickly realized that my tendons have not healed completely and how much pain i was in. I stuck it out for the entire run split but it was painful. I pushed as much as i could tolerate resulting in my slowest pace-per-mile ever. I took another Hammer gel at the 1-mile mark of the run. It may have been over nutrition for a sprint but mentally it made me feel better. The most important thing is, i finished with a decent time and hope I can sort my ankle problem out before my next race in 2 weeks. I placed 15th for the swim, 1st for the bike, 13th for the run resulting in an age-group place of 6th out of 78.