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Race Result

Racer: Jen Jardeleza
Race: Nation's Triathlon
Date: Sunday, September 12, 2010
Location: Washington, DC
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 30 - 34
Time: 2:58:22
Age Group Place: 106 / 326
Comment: a wet race.....

Race Report:

The organization at packet pick up was great. Fast and efficient, unlike last year. No mandatory race talks, and the police escort bike ride down to transition thru dc was awesome. The took "mug" like shots of racers with their numbers this was a little weird.

Well let's just say the thunder and sound of pouring rain at 330 am didn't really excite me. I was slacking on the training in the past few weeks, so I just went in looking to be under 3 hours.

Got to the race early, 430am and parked in lot b...later to find out that we couldn't get out until 2pm. Mistake one. I also underestimated the rain...and left the umbrella in the car. Mistake 2. Standing in the rain and not seeking shelter...and it goes on. I was one of the later waves, and the hubbie was a lucky one in the early waves. Trying to stay warm for the next 90 min was impossible. I was happy to get into the water- which was warmer than the air!

S 30:47. Some technical difficulties with people grabbing my ankle during the swim, nearly lost my chip 3 times, had to stop and readjust..which threw off my rhythm. Would of liked to be under 29.

T 4:47. Last year seemed a lot shorter! Bigger transition area, and very muddy.

B 1:20.6 Same time from last year, although my bike felt better this year? I was cautious on the turns and managed to be in the aero bars more than last year. I didn't like the bike course as much as the previous year. More turns this year. The rain was light during the bike and no water on the course?

T2 1:43. Oh the mud pit...

R 59:46. pace 9:39. The run felt better than I had anticipated. Good race support on the course. I thought I could be under 255 but my attempts to vomit slowed me down. I guess those unfamiliar gel flavors did not agree with me?

I waited in a long line to eat, but felt too nauseated to eat. I found my way back to the car, and Tim informed me that he pr'd by 17 minutes.

I thought the support on the course was great. 100m buoys in the water were awesome, could of used some mile markers on the bike. No water on the bike course. Well marked run course around hains point.

I wish that I could do it next year, but I will be racing IM Wisconsin!