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Race Result

Racer: Jim Mitchell
Race: North East MD Triathlon
Date: Sunday, August 15, 2010
Location: North East,, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 45 - 49
Time: 2:58:25
Overall Place: 214 / 400
Age Group Place: 23 / 31
Comment: Good race with great friends

Race Report:

So I did this race last year but the sprint distance. I really like the Oly distance better now that I've done both. I was treating this race as my A race for the year and it almost turned out that way. While I did break the 3 hour mark (which was my goal) I felt I could have been stronger on the swim and run than I was. I can't attribute my perceived weakness in those legs to anything, just that I didn't push as hard as I think I could have.

Swim: 35:50
The water was beautiful again this year. Slight current on the way back, but it was across us so it kept moving us off the buoy line. Again, not sure why I didn't do this faster, I felt good, just turned out slower. Perhaps the difference is the wet suit. At CT, I did the same distance almost 5 minutes faster. And maybe the current had something to do with it. Who knows. It's frustrating because I really worked on the swim between CT and this race. Maybe I need to do more open water swims.

T1: 3:02
As others have said, this long transition time is in part due to the long run from the water exit since that is where the timing pad is. Otherwise, I really feel like I'm getting better at transition. I may start training without socks to save those few extra seconds.

Bike: 1:17:19
This leg felt great. I had ridden it twice before the race and knew what to expect - when to kick it in and when to hold back. I passed bunches of people which always feels great - until they passed me on the run :-( - And I just love the people who either don't know the bike rules or don't care. I passed some guy on a hill like he was standing still (not bragging, just the facts) and later, while I was slowing to take some hydration, he passes me on a flat. At the very next hill, I try and pass him again but he is riding in the extreme left hand side of the lane next to another guy . So, since I can't split them, and can't cross the line to pass "the guy" I'm stuck trying to stay back enough to not get penalized (and I hear a motorcycle behind me - although it wasn't an official). Finally I decide to call out, "passing on your left" and "the guy", in a very annoyed tone, says, "OK, fine." Like I was at fault. UGH!! READ THE RULES!! Anyway, hammered the last 3 miles or so and finished about as strong as I could.

T2: 1:31
Nothing spectacular, but respectable enough - I'll take it.

Run: 1:00:45
Always my worst part. I felt great coming off the bike and didn't have any real issues with this leg, I just can't seem to get faster. I did do sub 10:00 which OK for me, but my 5K pace is more than a minute faster. I need to focus more on this part. I think I spend too much time training in the hills around my house vs. mixing it up with flats and speed work.

Special thanks again to Kimberly for always being there and ringing the MMTC cow bell! Love you honey! And also, thanks to my friends both in the club (Mike, Mike, Lindsay, Brooke, Matt, and several others I saw but don't know your names) - and those from church who came to cheer me on (the Miller fam!). They will never read this, but Kimberly will tell them they got a shout out.