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Race Result

Racer: Lynne Layug
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 45 - 49
Time: 3:39:42
Age Group Place: 63 / 79
Comment: Singing in the Rain

Race Report:

I have been training with Team in Training so you all haven't seen much of me this year...bumped into some of you at Gunpowder and on the course training. Wore my yellow visor with my TNT suit so got lots of encouragement along the way...just have to figure out how to get fans in the water!

Swim:45:18 What the heck? Last year was my first Olympic distance, I had done all the Iron Girls and a bunch of sprints in Vermont. Was freaked about the distance of the swim so convinced myself it was a leisurely Sunday morning recreational swim and managed to swim wide off course and expected the slow time. This year I "knew" I could do better and actually thought I swam it consistently, albeit slow. I lumbered along breathing one-sided every stroke until the turn and then got into the groove with bi-lateral breathing and actually felt like I was swimming. Guess I waited too long to get in the groove and hope the photographer didn't snap the photo when I was looking at my watch at the exit. Slower than last year!

T1:5:03 I couldn't make up my mind whether to add clothes for the bike and waited til after I had my helmet on to decide, yes, I want a jacket. I also have a problem with talking too much, my husband would agree as I talked his ear off the day before with my nervous energy. He also raced and typically gets quiet and introverted so we were quite the pair walking around Centennial on Saturday! Anyhow, had fun in transition talking to the other insane women out there and was secretly relieved there was anyone still there to talk to!

Bike: 1:34:37 For those of you in the water at the time, it POURED while the "Women of a Certain Age" were on our bikes. Once that started, I decided to take it easy and avoid an accident. I broke a shoulder biking Folly Quarter a few years ago when they were re-paving it and didn't want to go through that again. Funny side-note:it did not impact my swim time on Iron Girl at all...still slow but cracked me up that I swim the same with a broken shoulder...pain meds rock! Finished the bike 13 minutes faster than last year even though I wasn't pushing it so I am thrilled. New bike made a big difference. Loved all the crazy fans and MMT folks cheering in the rain!

T2:4:08 Practically crawled down the hill with my bike as I did not want to entertain the volunteers with a fall at this point. More talking, major problem. Need to learn to shut up (my husband won't read this so I can say that!)

Run: 1:10:38 Same time as last year except I ran more of the uphills than I did last yes, my walking is as fast as my running! My husband was in a wave 30 minutes behind me and caught me at the start of the run, barely out of transition. MAJOR BUMMER! Last year, I held him off until Mile 2 and my single goal for the run was to hold him off longer. A bunch of TNT fans were cheering when they saw me go by and he came up and raised my hand in the air and they thought it was so cute...I thought it was mortifying. A couple choice words escaped me and this really blew me mentally. Plus there was no Sadj for me to TRY and keep in my sights so it was a real downer this year. But at least I didn't have a bursting bladder like last year so I really enjoyed the run.

Nutrition: Tried to avoid the bursting bladder problem so had hydrated like crazy the days before the race and before the swim. Kept it to one bottle on the bike and then started the run with a small bottle of water so I wouldn't be tempted to walk at all the water stations. I had gotten up at 4:30 am to eat my PBJ and banana with a small coffee. Ate a Clif bar prior to the race but was choking it down so only ate half. Had some gel blocks on the bike but they didn't have caffeine which I think I could have used for the run. Lots of caffeine...

My overall time of 3:39:42 was 5 minutes faster than last year so I figure if I keep doing this race, I'll eventually get a time I can respect. I had a blast and am looking forward to Celebration and perhaps keeping my husband behind me for the entire race!