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Race Result

Racer: Arpad Romandy
Race: SavageMan 70.0
Date: Sunday, September 19, 2010
Location: Deep Creek, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Time: 6:21:33
Overall Place: 132 / 387
Age Group Place: 20 / 49
Comment: forgot some things, lost some, remembered some……

Race Report:

Savageman Half

Short and Sweet…. Ok shortish.

Rank Name Total
20 Arpad Romandy 6:21:33
Swim Rank
32:31:00 21
T1 Rank
4:34 18
Bike Pace Rank
3:33:04 15.7mph 20
T2 Rank
2:22 11
Run Pace Rank
2:09:05 9:51 23

I forgot some things, lost some, remembered some……

Loved the late start, only got up at 6:30 and left our place at 7:15 – plenty of time to set up.

During set up I discovered that I had forgotten to pack my timing chip, that’s a first! Got a new one and later found out that our friends daughter had removed it from my gear bag and taken it to her crib, she is 2 

Got a new chip, all set.

Great swim, great temps, lovely lake.

T1- Longest T1 ever, I had a lot of stuff to pack away, bagel with PB&J was hard to put into bike jersey pocket, arm warmers to put on wind vest to put on, plus I was dizzy (water in ear) and kept keeling over to the right.
Ride- 1 minute into the ride I realized that I had forgotten my sunglasses in T1 – lovely….
I am happy I wore the arm warmers and wind vest it made for a very comfortable descent into Westernport.

Lost my cadence sensor magnet of my crank somewhere along Spring Lick.

THE WALL – Came around the corner and saw a lot of people in front of me, took on a new water bottle then went up the first 3 steps nice and steady. Got to the wall and tried to get a line on the right but I saw it was congested and some people had fallen, were falling and others were being “dragged” out of the way. I REALLY wanted the brick, so I went left, the crowd support here is fantastic. I dug deep and went for it hard, I was moving up quickly when I went over some potholes / bad surface and thought I was going to stack it but I powered over after I heard my name and worried about the devils sticking those forks in my bum. Went over the top, super happy!

I have been battling a pinched nerve in my left leg for about 2 weeks now, so at this point I just wanted to make sure I would finish without serious damage and hence get my brick.

As many have said “The wall is nothing compared to what comes afterwards” so true, I am glad I rode the course once before. The rest was a lot of climbing. Killer Miller is just that and Maynardier Ridge is Evil too but there is another hill that comes along afterwards, no name, no mention but I heard a lot of moaning on it.

T2: Good

Run: Brutal!! For next year I will do more training in EC and follow up with running in EC, just to get the hills in. It was hard. I did 2:06 for Eman due to the heat, here the weather was perfect but your legs are just shot.

It was great to see Linda at the start & finish, Rick resting there too looking cool as a cucumber! Conrad shout out to you! Riding it on a 12-23 – that’s Savage!

Race organization, volunteers, spectators venue A+++++