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Race Result

Racer: Gwen Musk
Race: Diamond in the Rough Triathlon
Date: Saturday, July 10, 2010
Location: Perryville, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 45 - 49
Time: 3:06:05
Overall Place: 340 / 377
Age Group Place: 19 / 26
Comment: Another wet race!

Race Report:

I didn’t mind the swim being cancelled. I like to swim, and I like running, so I would have been happy either way.

1st run: 22:12 I was silly enough to try to avoid the puddles, which seems ridiculous now. I didn’t want to run too hard since I hadn’t done any run/bike/run bricks this season. I wasn’t sure how it would affect the bike leg. (I’ll be out to the Wed group someday soon!) Only my second race longer than a sprint, so I think I’ll be better able to gauge my efforts in the future.

T1-2:30 What goes on in transition when I’m not there? Everything was strewn around and I had to search for my helmet.

Bike 1:51:18 I wore my clear lenses and had no problem with visibility or fogging. Just wiped off excess rain periodically. Unfortunately my only experience riding wet roads was the Columbia Tri last May and I’m still carefully approaching turns and descents to test the limits. It would be nice to have a dry race someday. I used a small 32 oz camelback with water and took two electrolyte pills, ate 3 shot blocks and one hammer gel. I had heard the worst hill was at mile 22 so I was surprised to see it earlier, mile 20? Also drank some weak lemonade from my bottle, but just for a change of taste.

T2 2:46 Somehow my running shoes became uncovered (that transition poltergeist again!) and I had to drain about ½ cup of water out of each shoe before I put them on. I kept the same soggy socks on and put on my soggy hat.

Run: 47:17 It felt good to be off the bike. I decided to keep a shorter stride and faster turnover since my hamstrings felt tight. Drank one cup of Gatorade without stopping to walk. (the folded cup trick). I managed to pass a few people that had passed me on the bike and that made my day. No one passed me. (Not many people behind me though!) My mantra on this run was “it’s a race, it’s supposed to hurt!” This run makes me want to start doing some track work and to get faster for Iron Girl, because it’s fun to pass people. Strong finish for me.

Pre-race food: coffee and a pb & J sandwich on the way to meet Missie. A banana and water at the awesome MMTC tent. It was great talking to everyone and being somewhat out of the rain.

Thanks to everyone that brought all the yummy food I dug into after the finish.
I managed to leave my Columbia Tri bottle at the tent (I hope I see it again one day, it was from my first and only Columbia Tri.)