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Race Result

Racer: Nicol Newell-Bell
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 22, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 2:28:07
Overall Place: 1065 / 1785
Age Group Place: 224 / 1100
Comment: Good Race despite Rain

Race Report:

Weather - I have to comment on the weather because it was definitely a factor. It had been raining in Frederick and while driving to Centennial Park the rain stopped and I thought ok the weather is going to turn out to be good. hmm, no suck luck. I had set up my transition area, came back to the Durango to relax and it starts to rain. It rained off and on before the race started and as my wave got in the water the rain really started to come down. It didn't let up and rained pretty hard on the bike and run.

Swim - 29:48 - I knew that I had not trained enough for the swim but knew I could do it. So I went in knowing that I was going to side stroke and breast stroke the entire way. The wave I was in wasn't too bad as far as people running into me. I just relaxed and enjoyed the rain and when I got out of the water I felt pretty good. Looked down at my watch and realized I had beat my time for last years IG and the Celebration Sprint earlier this year.

T1- 4:21 - Dried my feet as best I could before putting socks on but didn't matter because it rained pretty hard on the bike that my shoes and socks were soaked.

Bike - B-1:11:19 - I was planning on taking it easy because of the bad weather but still decided to push hard. I heard somewhere that you are in more control when you are pedaling than when you are coasting so that was my strategy. I had one near wipe out when a minivan was ahead of me and stopped to turn left leaving little to no room on the side to pass and I was going downhill will a couple other racers in front of me. I tried to apply breaks as light as possible but as I got closer the girls in front of me were slamming on their brakes. I jumped on my brakes and the back wheel went sliding right, I can't believe I actually recovered.

Run - T2 - 2:49, R - 39:53 - Was very worried about blisters because my socks and feet were soaking wet but luckily didn't have that problem. The run went well, I did walk up some of the steep hills (Gatorade Hill).

Wrap-up - I actually felt great for all legs of the race, I was not totally exhausted after the swim and felt good on the bike and run. This is my personal best for this distance so far, my swim and run were faster. My bike was slower than the first IG but with the rain I think I should get a break