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Race Result

Racer: Heather Zoller-Gritz
Race: Tri-To-Win
Date: Sunday, June 20, 2010
Location: South Carroll County, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 2:11:55
Overall Place: 279 / 287
Age Group Place: 23 / 25

Race Report:

A big thanks to Missie & Dave Vess for setting up the unofficial club tent today, it was great to have a home base. I had not been in a good mental place about this race for the last week and having folks around to talk to really helped!

Since the beginning of the year I have be uncomfortable on my bike, it finally got to the point that I would find any excuse not to ride it. Finally I had a bike fit a few weeks ago and things were much better but obviously not a lot of time to ride and when you don't ride, you don't run off the bike, not a good combination!

Swim 400M (11:10)
Transition closed at 7 and my swim time wasn't until 8:32 so I had a long wait to get in the water. Sitting with Michelle, Amy and Dave helped pass the time and ease the first race of the year jitters. Swim was uneventful and 2.5 minutes faster than when I did this race 2 years ago.

T1 (2:03) 1.5 mins faster than the last time I did this race
Taking all the recent advice I went sockless today and kept transition to a minimum.

Bike 13.5 miles (1:05:57) 1:06 slower than 2008
The bike started well, a bit congested with bikers and runners going both directions on the shoulder but not as bad as I had imagined. The new bike course has rollers and a few longer, less steep hills, a relief for me after the old course. I felt good on the bike (other than the new saddle and the wet shorts were not a good combo!), passed several people and only got passed a few times--then I came across the woman with the flat tire on her mountain bike. She was in the middle of a lane of traffic and was really upset, I knew the only person I was racing today was me so I stopped to see if I could help. She had a mtn bike and no gear bag, I let her use my cell to call someone. I took a few sips of water while I waited and off I went. My calves started cramping after the stop and I never felt really good on the bike again. Near the top of the last hill I grabbed my water and dropped it--I realy needed a drink so I got off and chased it down. Apparently when I put my bike down I jarred the sensor so the computer was dead for the last few miles as well. Obviously, more time in the saddle would help!

T2 (4:56) 2:01 slower than 2008!
I forgot to grab my sport beans going out on the bike and I was feeling like a slug going into T2, obviously I was moving like one too!

Run (47:51) 3:30 slower than 2008
My legs felt awful going out on the run so I walked until I got to the downhill going out to Liberty Rd. I choked down part of a Gu on the way. Two glasses of water, one for me, one for my head on the way up the road. It was hot, no shade and I muddled through. Obviously my slow legs didn't know what to do with running after a ride since I'd done very little of it! I ran considerably more after the turn around as the Gu kicked in but by then my quads were protesting a lot.