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Race Result

Racer: Jen Jardeleza
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 12, 2011
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Female 30 - 34
Time: 6:40:22
Age Group Place: 61 / 130
Comment: Redemption, and a 38 min PR from last year

Race Report:

After doing Eagleman last year as my first half ironman, I learned a lot of hard lessons. I spent the off season actually doing speedwork training using a modified version of my husband's workouts. Tim was instrumental in teaching me about nutrition, race execution and has been a great support to me. After watching me last year, he said, that looks easy, I am going to do it next year. Easy is not the word I would choose to describe Eagleman.

Pre race- We arrived in Cambridge Saturday afternoon and went to packet pick up. Loaded up the bikes, and did not inflate the tires (like I did last year as it popped). Tim went for a swim while I tried to keep our boys entertained! We probably should of stayed out of the sun, but the boys wanted to play at the park and the beach. Had dinner with the Endurance Nation group at Bistro Popular. Our friend Grace allowed us to stay at her house, which was 1 mile away from the race site, and it was fabulous.

2am- woke up to take liquid nutrition- some naked juice bottles...I had the coconut/mango one.

430- wake up time. Yummy coffee and a bowl of oatmeal. 20 oz Coconut water, 12 oz of gatorade. Our friend also did the race, and his wife dropped us off at the race site and kept our kids busy while we were out on the course.

Swim- 40. 39 24/130. I was disappointed to see this time. I was honestly hoping for a 35 min split. I felt good in the water. Secretly I just wanted to beat Tim's time since he was going to use the skin suit. And I was happy to find out that I swam faster!

T1- 3:12. I took the time to make sure I had everything. I reapplied suncreen and made sure to get my shoulders. I had 2nd degreee burns last year and my race numbers were still on my arms at the end of the summer.

Bike- 3:13.46. Pace 17. 34mph I took EN's mantra and did the bike I should, not the bike that I could. I didn't want to fry the legs. I stayed in zone 3 most of the bike. I stopped at mile 45 to use the port a john and continued on. I took a drink every 15 min of infinit- one bottle and took gatorade at each stop. Went through 5-6 bottles combo of water and gatorade. Enduralytes every 30 min, gel every 30-35 min on the bike. I had wanted to be closer to 3, but happy to take time off last year.

T2- 5:35. Stretch, sunscreen again.

Run- 2:37.10. The run was HOT. I had hoped for a 10 min pace, but couldn't really hold it. I stopped at every station, ice down the bra, cool water on the head, drank gatorade and water at each. I took a gel every 30 min. I grabbed additional ice cup and ran with it, dumping it down the bra inbetween stations. I did manage to see a lot of MMTC members on the course! I enjoyed a snow cone and had a neg split on the second half. I saw Tim coming in as I was going out, and he was in visible pain. He had been cramping the whole run ):

I heard Heather cheering me on in the chute and I smiled as I finished. I was hoping for an hour pr, but I will take a 38 min PR! I walked to the tent and was glad to stand in the shade. Heather and the crew really did a fabulous job!

Looking forward to racing next year at Eagleman!