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Race Result

Racer: Kristin Johnson
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 22, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 35 - 39
Time: 2:28:16
Overall Place: 1104 / 1833
Age Group Place: 225 / 350
Comment: my FIRST TRI

Race Report:

Iron Girl Columbia

August 22, 2010

0.62mi Swim - 17.5mi Bike - 3.4mi Run

Overall Place: 1104

Overall Time: 2:28:16

Athletes in Gender: 1833


Division Place: 225

Athletes in Division: 350

Swim Time: 27:43

Transition 1 Time: 4:57

Bike Time: 1:14:20

Bike Pace: 14.1 mph

Transition 2 Time: 3:49

Run Time: 37:29

Run Pace: 11:22

OK, stats not that impressive, but it's a Personal Record no matter what since it's my first Triathlon!


Rode in with my dad and I got to transition about 5:15, dropped my bag off, was happy to see a Team Fight crew of friendly faces for body marking. Found a Mid MD Tri volunteer to help me pump and check my tire pressure, then wandered around with my coffee for a little while taking it all in and trying to find my friends. Saw Gwyn's expert transition area and went back to set mine up! hit the Team Fight tent around 6:15. Ate almond butter on 12 grain bread with honey before leaving the house, drank a couple cups of coffee, and ate a banana about an hour before hitting the water. Was glad to see most of my training buddies, my sister-in-law, my Ulman coworkers, and my neighbor Patti to give hugs and wish me luck!


I thought I was ready for the swim after the Dress Rehearsal swim. Did the distance in the pool this week and got it down to 22 min, so I was hoping to have a better swim than the dress rehearsal. I couldn't get into a rhythm for about 15 minutes, which is more than halfway through! Did back stroke for a little while bc I felt like I was breathing on every stroke. Once it finally thinned out, my heart rate settled down. Didn't see too many people from the heat after me passing me, but there were a few mixed in. I did catch a couple from the heat before me, but considering those women were in their 50's it didn't make me feel better! One of the best feelings I all day was running that chute from lake to transition to the bike. :-) - oh broke rule one of doing a tri - never use anything on race day you haven't practiced with and used new goggles. don't think that was my problem though!

Transition 1 Time: 4:57

What the heck took me so long? slammed a couple Gu Chomps (with caffeine, of course) cleaned grass and sand off feet, stuffed wet feet into dry socks and shoes, remembered my helmet and took off up the cruel hill out of transition.

Bike: It started pouring while I was in the water, but I felt great getting on the bike, gave Brock a big smile on the hill up out of the park. I figured I would see how I felt and take it easy if it felt slippery. Right off the bat I started passing people from my wave, but I was passed about the same amount as I was passing. Played yo yo with a couple different people and was annoyed that this one 52 year old woman kept getting the best of me. ;-) Drank my water with Nuun electrolytes through the first half of the course and took in my powerbar gel 2x caffeine just before Ten Mills and Albert's Hill. This was about an hour from start time of the swim, so I was definitely ready for some nutrition. Leslie (my SIS in law) 14 min behind me, but caught me about 30 minutes into the bike. I really thought I'd see her before that since she got some new aero bars, but she was off her form and not feeling well. Grabbed a water bottle at the middle school from a volunteer (awesome support even in the rain on the whole bike course!) and knew I was more than halfway done with the bike and more than 5 min faster than my avg pace on the bike in training! I really enjoyed seeing my Team Fight buddies flying downhill while I was climbing and cheering yee haws at them when I was flying and they were climbing. It was so great to see so many familiar faces! Once I climbed that last hill on Homewood to 108, it was sprint to the finish time!

Transition 2 Time: 3:49

that's more like it! I would have been faster, but I was looking for my family along the bike finish area. I was disappointed they didn't make it b/c I was right on my target time... thankfully they remembered where I said my transition area was and were along the fence line screaming and cheering for me as I changed my soggy socks and shoes for dry ones, grabbed my race belt/number, another water bottle with Nuun electrolytes, and headed out through the race start. My biggest cheer of the day came at that point from the hubby, kids, sister and bro in law and my UCF supervisor, Kelly! I through my sunglasses at my sister, posed for another pic and was on my way...

3.4 miles to go - a 5K+ with killer hills in the 2-3 mile area. "Gatorade Hill" I made it 14 min to the first water stop without stopping for a walk break and was discouraged that they were saying I had only gone 1 mile. NO WAY! I ran the whole dang time til that point! I can't believe how much water I took in. drank my whole bottle and at least one cup from each of the 3 stops. even dumped one on my head heading down from Gatorade Hill. Saw a lot of my buddies on the way out and back of the hills and did a fair amount of walking - my long walking stride was faster than my run at that point... I "flew" down the last part of the hill and across the dam and kept on plugging up that last hill knowing my family, coaches, and other supporters would be at the bottom! I started to tear up at the last corner when I saw Brian from UCF, then Coach Danny, then finally the family! I grabbed Keith by the hand (since I knew I was going to make my 2:30 goal) and practically dragged him as he skip hopped ran (in his crocs) through th finish line chute. I heard them say, "Kristin Johnson, you are an Iron Girl!" right after I crossed the mat, cheesed for the camera and finished strong. The best thing I have ever received at the end of a race was an aflac sponge soaked with cold water :-) Broke Rule #1 again and wore brand new shoes... no problems there, they were the same make and model as my ones that gave me the blister on Thursday!

Awesome day, I'll never forget my first Tri and so happy it was an Iron Girl Event. I felt good throughout and very well trained thanks to my awesome Team Fight coaches and training schedule! Looking forward to relaying with Team Booty Sweat for the Half Full Tri in October, bumping up to the Olympic distance in May, and hopefully racing with my hubby and our friends in June! then of course, I don't think I'll ever miss the Iron Girl in Columbia!