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Race Result

Racer: Nancy Santiago
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 22, 2010
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint

Race Report:

Race Report
Nanci Santiago
Irongirl Triathlon -Sprint distance
Aug 22, 2010
Age group: 45-49
Time: 2:41:56

This was my 5th triathlon. After 2 years, starting to feel discouraged sometimes that increased performance is eluding me. This course kicked my butt! And no excuse as I live in the area and could have done more bricks at Centennial. Totally non-excited for this tri, don’t know why. Can’t blame the weather because even though it was sprinkling that didn’t bother me and I knew it would make the race cooler. I hate heat and hills! One little mistake I made which I’m not sure how much it cost is this…resting before race day really means resting – not doing anything. So going ahead and taking my karate class Saturday morning was not wise. I woke up Sunday with sore quads and they never got better, only worse as the day went on.

Swim time 36:53 Due to the bathroom lines I missed my swim wave…someone else mentioned they moved the times up and I agree, it wasn’t 7:40 yet and I was looking for the other white caps by the water when someone said – “hey, you missed your wave.” Even at this point I didn’t feel flustered and just walked down the ramp to join the yellow caps as they waited to start. What did frustrate me was the lake grass which was prickly and seemed to grab at my arms and face until we reached deeper water. Once out there, I settled into a decent rhythm, but sighting is time consuming for me. My goggles were completely fogged by this point, but since I was in the middle of the pack (and managing to catch up with the slower of the white caps) I was just following bobbing multi-colored caps. No real hits, but I kept feeling someone by my feet and being the uber-polite person I am, could not bring myself to kick much for fear of kicking someone. Swam until my feet touched down and ran to the bike where the transition clinic really paid off. T1: 3:18

Bike: 1:18:15 The bike can save the most time and remains my nemesis. From the Irongirl rides this summer, I knew this was the time I would have, but I kept hoping somehow that the race day adrenaline would shave say, 15 minutes off my time. Well, an irongirl can hope. The rain didn’t really affect me at all and didn’t have too much trouble with the crowds. For every athlete that I was able to pass, there were 10 racers blowing by me – even on hills! How do you do that?! All I can do is keep riding and hope for bigger muscles to develop – and to rest those legs the day before a race next time. T2: 1:50 this was pretty quick for me and I kept it minimal – could have shaved a few seconds off if another racer hadn’t blocked my exit with her bike as she came in.

Run: 41:43 Ah, the run. If you ask, running is my favorite thing to do, and I don’t usually mind how slowly I accomplish the daily run around the neighborhood. Pretty disappointing to be so slow in a race, though. The lack of bricks shows in this dismal time, so at least that can improve – probably. Centennial is so hilly that I walked a lot and up until Gatorade hill my legs were killing me. They suddenly loosened up after that so I ran around the resevoir and down the chute with the speed I wish I’d had all along. Glad it was over, wished I had more excitement and even more nerves going into it. I think I had a good attitude mostly – except for wishing my family had shown up to greet me at the finish. Didn’t come close to my goal of a 2 hour finish, but then again my goal of FINISHING was achieved, so 2 out of 3.