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Race Result

Racer: Linda Giampalmo
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 22, 2011
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 45 - 49
Time: 3:08:17
Overall Place: 986 / 1638
Age Group Place: 32 / 71
Comment: Enjoyed the bike most of all!

Race Report:

I enjoy racing the Columbia Triathlon – is is a challenging course and you get to see lots of MMTC friends all along the way! It was especially nice seeing so many from last year's Lake Placid group and the folks I've gone on mountain rides with lately. After completing an IM an Olympic distance race is more manageable!

I won't lie; I was one of the few who would not have minded a run, bike, run. But it was good that it was a full triathlon because one of my favorite parts is going from the swim to the bike. It feels so great and energizing getting on the bike after swimming! I wasn't expecting a great swim time as I don't have membership to an indoor pool and only got in a few OWS at Sandy Point. I can get through the swim... I am just not fast. We postponed opening our pool this year since we just got a new puppy... I can live with my 36 minutes; Leah is super cute!

Of course, I am partial to the bike ride...biking is where I spent most of my time training this past season. I love the views along the Columbia course; especially the wooded sections of Triadelphia Road. It also helps that the back section is just a mile from my house - it is super convenient. Racing it is A LOT more fun than just training on it! When I train on the Columbia course - I usually go solo; but racing it I saw so many friends and actually spent most of my time riding with the faster guys in the waves behind me – so it was a blast! I got so many nice shout outs on the bike – thanks to you all for that! It was especially cool to meet up with Tom Kish on the bike again... two years ago when I last raced Columbia we rode up the Green Bridge hill together... this time I was much further along the course - Cool! I was very happy with my improvements on the bike and my 1:25 (17.8 pace).

The run was nice since I started off running with Alice who did a few rides with me. I enjoyed chatting and it was great to run along with someone for a change – since I always run solo. Then I saw lots of other MMTC folks and that just makes it a Great Experience! You always remember who you see along the run course – it becomes part of your race memory. I like that! At the last club meeting “Coach Jim” said to pump your arms faster and your legs would go faster – I did that and it works! He also said to make sure you had good running form; I try to do that as well and Chip was very kind and as he passed complimented my running form... Thanks! My run time was 1:00 – good enough!

I made a fashion statement by wearing a black biking skirt! It worked great on the bike since it was nicely padded and it was comfortable on the run. Most of all - it was fun to wear! I highly recommend!

I put out a few signs on the bike course.... Hope you saw them … cause yeah... I was racing not cheering this year!

It is so great having a club tent to hang out at. Much thanks to Melissa and ALL of the Volunteers along the course! I thought the red chairs were a great idea! I loved that they all matched.

I got in a PR of 17 minutes mainly due to my improved bike time which offset my slower swim time. I had fun training and racing. Being in MMTC makes them both fun!

Congratulations to all the Age Group winners in our club! I am very happy for your personal success.

Lastly, I am sorry that Scott M. wasn't able to race today due to injuries – I hope you heal quickly; ALL Please be extra careful biking!