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Race Result

Racer: Deb Cooley
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 22, 2011
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Time: 3:52:26
Overall Place: 1575
Age Group Place: 37 / 41
Comment: First Olympic and first Columbia

Race Report:

1. Show up and participate. Definitely includes not oversleeping, but this isn't usually an issue for me. - check!

2. Finish. Don't know that there is much more to say on this one. - check!

3. Finish in 4 hours not counting transition times. I'm figuring about 40ish minutes on the swim, 2ish hours for the bike, 75ish minutes for the run (probably 10ish for transitions depending on if I dry my hair :)). check!!

4. Finish the whole thing in 3.5 hours. Something like 30 minutes swim, 1:45 hour bike, 70 min. run. That would be flying for me... - almost! 3:40 w/out transistions.

Pre-race prep:
I've finally managed to lose some weight this year (nearly 20 lbs since Jan). Swam in the $1 wetsuit once at the pool and once at Sandy Point. Friday picked up my packet and went out to dinner (Chicken Marsala - yum!). Saturday we had to go pick up furniture from my MiL's apartment. Fortunately, it wasn't much. I did my household chores (cleaning bathrooms) because I knew it wouldn't happen on Sunday. Salmon, zuccini, mac and cheese for dinner on Sat night in bed by 9 asleep by 10, for real by 11 (when the teenager came home).

Race day prep:
4 am alarm, but slept until 4:30. PB&J toast and coffee for breakfast. Left for the park at 5:15, arrived by 5:30. Body marked by the ever famous Betsy Serp. Borrowed a pump, put everything on the bike (food, water bottle, computer), set up transition, dumped the rest of my stuff by the fence. Planned how I was getting out of transition w/ Jelly. Took the wetsuit and a bag to the MMTC tent.

Swim (19/41 30:59):
Water temps were reputed to be 71 degrees. Debated ditching the wetsuit, but decided to give it a chance. Glad I did. I picked up this Mens small wetsuit last year at Celebration packet stuffing for $1. I'm going to have to stop talking smack about it, cause my Oly time today was just 6 minutes slower than my Sprint time last year. I had a little bit of an issue w/ getting out of the crowd, but once I did, I found a nice rhythm. I'm normally a right side breather. I can breathe left, but not for long periods of time, one day I'll have to force myself to breathe a whole workout on the left. Smoking fast time for me.

Transition 1(35/41 6:25):
Whatever, wetsuit, wet feet. At least I didn't forget anything. Even remembered to start my bike computer. Texted the fam to say I was done the swim.

Bike (34/41 1:44:45 14.5 mph):
This is how long it took me to do this course a couple of weeks ago at the brick-n-pic. Probably spent too much energy on this leg. I just got a Bento Box and I love it. Cliff shot blocks were my nutrition choice and nuun tablet (tri berry) in my water bottle. Pretty easy to manage. I took 3-4 shot blocks on Rt. 108 going out and then again after the Green Bridge hill. Took a bottle of water on the way back, should have skipped it. I suspect that I should have eaten more...

Transistion 2 (37 5:29)
Shoes, race belt, hat. Fiddled w/ taking my bike computer, phone, sport beans. Should have left it all. Texted the fam to say I was done the bike.

Run (40 1:24:50 13:40 mph)
This is where the classic Columbia weather would have been my friend. Instead it was hot (anything over 60 degrees is hot to me when running). I run/walk normally and I had planned to run 1, walk 1. Didn't work. I made it work for the first 2 miles, but then ditched it. Started running the flat and downhill at
that interval and walked the uphills. Still my pace today was faster than Celebration last year (15.06 mph). Took water at all aid stations and ate a few sport beans near the beginning.

Notes and Thank yous:

1. The tent was amazing. Smoothies rock!
2. MMTC shout outs were inspirational
3. Water guns on the run course were nothing short of brilliant.
4. Thanks to Heather for fixing the weather.