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Race Result

Racer: Jim Mitchell
Race: Baltimore Half Marathon
Date: Saturday, October 16, 2010
Location: Baltimore, MD
Race Type: Run - Half Marathon
Age Group: Male 45 - 49
Time: 2:08:44
Overall Place: 3505 / 8038
Age Group Place: 167 / 287
Comment: My 1st 1/2 wwas a success!

Race Report:

Overall this race was a blast even though I was seemingly doing everything I could to sabotage myself. I learned a huge lesson this weekend. Treat a running race with the same amount of respect as you would tri. I guess I figured since I didn't need to set up transition I didn't really need to use a checklist before leaving for the race. Kimberly and I decided to get a room downtown Friday night rather than try to battle traffic in the morning - especially considering the late start for the 1/2 marathon. Since I didn't have a check list, I forgot a bunch of stuff and after checking into the hotel at 10:00 PM had to drive all the way home and back again. Didn't get to sleep until midnight. Not too bad since the start was late.

Slept well and got up around 7:00. Took my time getting ready and went to see the start of the full and the 5K. Hooked up with Heather B. and Mike C. and saw Loretta and the Cancer to 5K gang start. Walked to the 5K finish to see them cross. It was then I realized I forgot my pre-race banana in my room. Tried to find a banana in the runners village, but they weren't open (even for the 5Kers - weird). That wouldn't have been all that bad, but then, I realized I also forgot my Hammer gel for during the run. UGH! Kimberly was not happy with all of my scatterbrained antics. Since she was running too, I was making her more stressed then she needed to be.

Walked back to my room (fortunately not too far) and got the banana and gel and hoofed it to the start. On the way there, I turned my ankle. AAAHHH - what the heck was happening? I was wondering if God was trying to tell me something. Well, as it turns out, the ankle was fine and Kimberly, Gloria and I settled into our corral for the start.

About 1/2 mile into the race, I had to pee. UGH - I thought bad things happen in threes, not fours. At the 3 mile mark (the 1st water and aid stop of the 1/2) I decided to go. This was the spot, however, that the 1/2 and the full converged, so the first set of porta johns were packed. I had to duck under the tape separating the two races and jump into a porta john across the whole pack of people.

After that, things went smoothly. I picked up the pace because I had stopped to pee, and really never let up. I felt great the entire time. The spectators all along the course were simply awesome. Seeing my in-laws at mile nine was great too. The best part for me, was realizing in the last mile that I was going to beat my goal of 2:10. The last 1/2 mile was almost overwhelming. So many spectators cheering I really felt lifted. I just thanked God for allowing me to "run and not grow weary" and took it all in.

And it is always great to see a bunch of club members after the race. Thanks for all your support.

Can't wait for next year!