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Race Result

Racer: Tracy Cumberland
Race: Diamond in the Rough Triathlon
Date: Saturday, July 9, 2011
Location: Perryville, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 45 - 49
Time: 3:19:35
Overall Place: 74 / 86
Age Group Place: 5 / 5
Comment: I might be a back of the packer, but I am no sissy!

Race Report:

Pre Race: I awoke to a flat tire; glad it happened before the race! Breakfast, 3 hours before race start, consisted of a smoothie (1c coconut milk, a few berries, a scoop of egg protein powder a few flax and hemp seeds) and a few yams with cinnamon and I was full till race start, then 25 min before race start had a gu roctane (gel with amino acids and no caffeine). The weather was good, the water was calm, piranha sports set up and organized the athletes well other than getting my race number mixed up. No wet suits were allowed, as water temperature was 81. Another bummer. There were 3 waves, young men, old men, and the gals. Got some last minute swim pointers from Missie that helped. Thanks Missie.

Swim. 33:31 39/86, 3/5 A/G
My best swim in a race. I worked hard to stay with the better swimmers so I could get a good draft. Drafted 80 percent of race. Sighted just enough to make sure my draft ride was doing her job. Passed many men! Came out of the water in 29.XX minute and was proceeding up the metal steps when I felt a sharp pain in left foot. Run/hobbled to T1. About 20 people passed me, at least 5 women maybe 8 or I would have been higher placed. Lesson learned better swimmers swim straighter and are better to draft off as they slow less to sight. The rear of the pack is like bumper cars!

T1 1:32 29/86, 1/5 AG
Very slow transition for me. Stood there and looked at the blood on the towel for 20 seconds or so. Should I bike or bag the race? My left foot was killing me! I thought to try a little bike maybe it will go away/let up.; I can always come back. I brought my regular bike shoes, not the tri shoes, so I had to take extra time to do straps.

Bike 1:53:27 79/86, 5/5 age group
My thoughts on the downnills, my foot really hurts, on the uphills, this extra weight really sucks. Nutrition: 15 min, gel, 45 gu roctane, 1:10-140 bottle of ironman perform with 210 kcals, gel 1:45 (510 kcals) and no stomach issues.
Lesson learned if you race hills, practice hills. My training has mostly been aero stuff. Managed to get my bike cleats off before T2. Negative split the bike even with the big hill. I think because my foot was less painful the second half from all the mashing on the hills. Thanks to all those MMTCers who passed me and gave me words of encouragement.

T2 :52 7/86, 1/5 age group
I beat Suzy Serpico at something! I do know how to transition. It is the stuff other than transitions that is hard, you know the SBR. It was a slow transition for me as I got tri slide out of my bag and sprayed where the singlet was rubbing my arms raw.

Run 50:10 69/86, 4/5 AG
My foot hurt a little less; so I decided to run, walk if I had to. Here is a motto I have, start what you can finish, finish what you start. I don’t ever want a DNF by my name! I started slow and increased speed after ½ mile. Turned out to be my best run in race, if I had known my time, I would have run 11 sec faster just to get under 10 min/mile pace. Previous best was 10:31 miles in a tri. About 3.5 miles into the 5, I met up with Amber who is new member of the club. She paced me the last 1.5 miles to a record run for me. I would have not gone that fast, Zone 5a for the last 8 or so minutes, without her encouragement. Thanks Amber! And thanks to all the MMTCers who gave me shouts on the run. It really helps to be part of a great club. Nutrition: I did not take a gel and really needed it towards the end. My heart rate was really high the whole run, so I did not want to chance a gel upsetting my stomach. I took water at all the stops and 1/ 2 cup of Gatorade at mile 3 and 4.

Post Race. They had sandwiches, granola bars, Costco vita water, and fruit snacks (corn syrup). It was marginal compared to other races. Didn’t see the awards, but heard the crowd roar when Chip placed in his division. I took my bloody sock off and went to first aid. The EMTs cleaned up my foot. I had a 1-inch gash/slice at the base of my big toe with a large piece of blue (dying) skin hanging off. No sissy here!