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Race Result

Racer: Bruce Chambliss
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 22, 2011
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 25 - 29
Time: 2:41:16
Overall Place: 376 / 1633
Age Group Place: 22 / 80
Comment: Better than last year, lots of room for improvement

Race Report:

First crack at a race report, so let's see how it goes. Sorry if it is long.

I used Tri-Rock in Annapolis as a warmup to Columbia. I think it seemed to work out well. Choppy open water swim, a few hills on the bike and run, transition practice.

My second time racing Columbia and I was looking forward to getting faster times all the way around. I am still working on nutrition plans for racing but I ate a peanut butter English muffin and had some Gatorade on my way to the race and was parked at Centennial by 5:30.

I mixed up my Heed drink for the bike and headed over to transition. I keep transition to a minimum; a mat, run shoes & socks, sunglasses, a head band (I sweat horribly while running), bike shoes on bike (using a rubber band to steady them), helmet, race numbers, and a small bottle of water in case my feet are covered in mud during T2. All setup, talked to some nervous new Tri-ers, chatted up MMTC to them, and now the wait, swim at 7:50....

I am including last years times as well.

Swim: 23:36 (AG 11/80)
2010 24:46 (AG 12/67)

I am a fairly strong swimmer, I started all the way to the left, I breathe to my right, this way I can see the group and pretty much head straight for the turn buoy. I started off pretty fast and threw off my pace. I finally settled in to a good pace at the first turn buoy and it was smooth sailing from there. I may have swam into a few pink caps and some others, oops, but managed to sprint in at the last turn buoy. I also love having seaweed across my face for the entire swim, I even knocked it off my goggles twice, but managed to find more immediately. I felt really good coming out of the swim and didn't see many white caps ahead of me.

T1: 1:39 (AG 1/80) I'm good at something!
2010 2:14 (AG 9/67)

I waste no time out of the water, it is immediately off with the goggles and cap, unzipping the wetsuit, and folding it down to my waist as I run to transition. Get to my bike, don't see many bikes gone, and know I will beat the two people at their bikes on my rack out of transition. Wetsuit off as sunglasses and helmet go on and I'm gone, lost a couple of seconds fumbling with my wetsuit at my timing chip ankle. Run up the hill and past the mount line (to avoid people going slow and trying to clip in), then hop on my bike. I get my feet on top of my shoes and go, I put my shoes all the way on once I turned on to 108.

Bike: 1:21:18 18.7mph (AG 32/80)
2010: 1:25:19 17.9mph (AG 37/67)

Not much to say about the bike, it is the Columbia Tri bike course. This is when I try to get passed by the least amount of people as possible. My swim usually gives me a cushion. I took a GU at 30 and 60 mins and had Heed in my aero bottle. I took water at the stops but just a quick sip and a squirt into my aero bottle. With about a mile to go I change the gears and get the legs spinning fast, I will gladly give up a few seconds on the end of the bike for a better run. Pop off my shoes as I enter the park (I leave them on the bike) and off the bike I go at the line. I had people telling me to slow down as I run into transition? Is there a speed limit in transition? I was running down the hill, whichever, they did this to me last year too.

T2: 1:18 (AG 25/80)
2010 1:38 (AG 29/67)

Not much excitement, except for the speed limit, haha, fumbled getting my socks on, lost a couple of seconds there.

Run: 53:26 (AG 31/80)
2010 54:48 (AG 45/67)

Knowing the run course I tried to keep under control because of the lovely hill right out of transition, I make it a point to always keep running on the hills, even if it is slow, runners will always pass walkers. I was hot by this point and took in water at each aid station. I did not really catch my grove until the 3 mile mark (looked down to see 28 minutes, ouch). I have tried to improve my run but the heat kills me, not to mention the rolling hills of Columbia. I managed to negative split the run course, which is a victory by itself for me. I also passed 4 people in my age group along the lakes edge. It was great to see all the MMTCers out there and have a great tent and volunteer crew.

Just need to work on my cycling and running this summer, look forward to seeing many of you at more races and training this year!

Overall: 2:41:16 (AG 22/80, Overall 376/1633)
2010 2:48:43 (AG 34/67, Overall 504/1583)