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Race Result

Racer: Jesse Leitner
Race: Lower Potomac River Marathon
Date: Sunday, March 12, 2006
Location: Piney Point, MD
Race Type: Run - Marathon
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Time: 3:29:15
Overall Place: 18 / 159
Age Group Place: 9 / 31

Race Report:

This week I was at a conference in Big Sky, MT, where I
squeezed in about a day and half snowboarding. I hadn't
boarded in over 2 years, so I was very rusty and took quite
a beating, both in my muscles and some nasty bruises on my
hips. I got in about 7 miles of painful altitude running,
but fortunately my boarding after-effects didn't seem to come
out in my running. I returned on Friday afternoon, so in true
form, I did a long run on Saturday (19 miles), hoping to get
some time in under warm temperatures. Unfortunately, it barely
got to 65 when I finished. Although I still had much soreness
left from the boarding, I really didn't feel it at all while
running. Waiting out before the race, it was
a very comfortable 65 degrees or so (bad sign!) so I knew there
would be pain somewhere today. I decided that I would take the
unconventional approach and try to run the "right-feel" pace
from the start (i.e., don't slow down to compensate) and just
adjust downward as HR started to rise. In the first several miles,
heart rate stayed low and I was holding just over 7 min/mile
splits. By about mile 10, the temp hit around 70 degrees and
it was very muggy out as well (the race was along the lower end
of the potomac and the second half was all on black asphalt roads
with no tree cover or shade). My pace was dwindling, but I stayed
in the 7s through mile 16. In fact, I hit a new half marathon
PR of 1:36:15. I just let my pace slow to keep up with the
increasing heat (I am absolutely sunburnt to a crisp!), letting
miles 22-26 range from 9:00-9:10. Nearby thermometer said 82
and I was feeling it. Other than my short treadmill stints, I
hadn't run in temperatures above about 30 or 40 in probably
about 6 months. The course provided ultima replenisher which
has electrolytes but really no carbs or calories, so I came ready
with 4 gels, just in case. As usual, I had no food or any
type of carbs prior to the race. I took an accel gel as a precaution at mile
13, but didn't bother with any more. Up until mile 26, GPS
was reading about a tenth of a mile longer than the course
measurements, which is about right considering turns and such.
However, after the 26 mile point, it was well over 0.4 miles
until the finish! It seemed to never end. Oh well, I still
came in under 3:30, just 10 minutes off of my time from last
week, which I am thrilled with, considering the heat. In the
past, I would have finished in such conditions at around 4:20.
This caps off my third marathon in the last 4 weeks and I'm
looking forward to the 2 week break until the HAT run 50k!