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Race Result

Racer: Linda Giampalmo
Race: SavageMan 70.0
Date: Sunday, September 18, 2011
Location: Deep Creek, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Female 45 - 49
Time: 9:11:53
Comment: I finished and that was SAVAGE enough!

Race Report:

SAVAGEMAN - Well they certainly got that name right! It was quite Savage and without a doubt the “Worlds toughest triathlon.”

Confident enough to sign up, got in a lot of great mountain training rides, got a few injuries and a puppy which affected my training but was READY to do Savageman.

Amazed at the things that can happen just before a race. Pulled a chest muscle so I was in tremendous pain and froze camping so I was literally chilled to the core. More than thankful that morning just to start.

Tough race - the bike course was even more challenging as a race due to the cold weather and the amount of energy you exert trying to make it up that wall while dealing with other cyclists! And Killer Miller is killer... but at least I made it up that without any problems! On one of the most dangerous curving descents an ambulance and police car blocked off any safe passage on a sharp turn and I went down... I guess I just have a thing for bloody knees! The run was more enjoyable because the weather by then had improved and I saw All of my MMTC friends out on the very beautiful shaded course.

Determined to finish because I am SAVAGE enough!

Finish 9:11:53
Swim 44:44
Bike 5:15:01
Run 2:58:45

Very thankful to my MMTC friends for their inspiration, support, and care and for the great “winners welcome” at the finish line. This club is the best! And Sadj does give the best hugs ever.

An EPIC race with great support and volunteers. If you are up for an incredibly tough challenge... this has got to be it. In my honest opinion this bike course is tougher than anything you could imagine at an Ironman and I was simply amazed at the speed some cyclists were flying by at. The competition is top notch and hard core.

Congratulations to all those who raced! It was great seeing you this past weekend!

Thanks again!

PS. If you want a great idea of what the wall is really like check out this video link: