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Race Result

Racer: Nick Tarmey
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 22, 2011
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 2:16:20
Overall Place: 56 / 1093
Age Group Place: 9 / 131

Race Report:

Summary: A great race experience- going surprisingly well on the day.
2:16:20 overall
9th/131 in male 30-34 age group
56th/ 1093 males overall

Pre-race stuff: Until the week of the race, I wasn’t going to compete due to wrist tendonitis preventing me from swimming (at all) or biking (outside) for most of the past month. Finally, the rest and constant icing kicked in and it was game on again!

Pre-race fuelling was the usual mixture of tons of food the day before (ice cream and croissants have carbs in them, right?), then a giant bowl of porridge with raisins and honey and two double espressos on race morning. Yum.

Conditions: Beautiful day, warm but not humid, 72 degF water, loads of spectators, including my (very vocal) kids- aged 2 and 3

Swim 1500m: 26:55 (56/131 in AG)
Currently my weakest discipline, especially with no swimming for a month, but I felt good on the day. Knocked 3 mins of my 1500m time from Bumpass Tri last month so can’t complain.

T1: 1:53 (3/131 in AG)
Cutting the bottom 3 inches off my wetsuit legs was a great idea- now I can actually get the damn thing off!

Bike 41km: 1:03:23 (2/131 in AG)
My favourite discipline , a beautiful day, loads of supporters and racing on my usual training roads- I felt awesome and had to remind myself to hold something back for the run. I drank ½ bottle of electrolyte drink at about 10km , then nothing after that. Kept an eye on the powermeter to average about 260w (85% of threshold for all you geeks out there) and averaged 24mph on quite a hilly course.

T2: 1:32 (9/132 in AG)
About 20 volunteers in the run-up to the dismount line all screaming “SLOW DOWN!!” is a race guys!

Run 10km: 43:07 (13/131 in AG)
Having had some calf problems recently, I’d promised myself not to push it too hard on the run- but competitive spirit got the better of me! There were some pretty cheeky hills and I felt like I was overheating by the 5km point but somehow I also felt the passion for racing and I seemed to savour the pain of the lactate burn- maybe because I felt like really getting it all out after a frustrating month of limited training. I ate one gel at the halfway point, took every opportunity to throw water over my head and attacked the climbs as hard as I could. Felt like I couldn’t have gone any quicker when I crossed the finish line, so got to be happy with that!

In all, a great day’s racing, and a reminder of why we do all that training in the first place. Thanks MMTC tent people- those cookies were awesome.

In case anyone is interested that sort of thing, here are some links to my garmin files of the race, with HR, power etc: