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Race Result

Racer: Martin Gould
Race: B&A Trail Half Marathon
Date: Sunday, March 5, 2006
Location: Severna Park, MD
Race Type: Run - Half Marathon
Age Group: Male 50 - 54
Time: 2:41:48
Comment: 1st Official Race

Race Report:

Race clock time showed 2:41:48; chip time 2:40:34. Will wait for official race and age group place results.

I had originally registered for the B & A half-marathon in December 2005; got a bit ambitious a month later and asked to switch to a full-marathon; and, then adjusted to race reality after 2 hours on the run March 5th.

The bottom line and then the line below the bottom line and then the real bottom line:

The bottom line is I did not attempt the full marathon, as I decided at mile 12 that my legs could not take the continuous pounding on the asphalt for another couple of hours. And while my race time for 13.1 miles today is about 30 minutes more than my best training time for the distance, I stuck to my race pace plan until mile twelve. This was only mildly disappointing for me as I traded off a potentially "faster" half-marathon time for the longer-shot prospect of finishing the full-marathon. My first lesson learned today.

The line below the bottom line:

I went on the run with the idea that I would go at a measured, slow pace that I judged reasonable for running 4-5 hours in attempting to complete a full marathon. I know I gave it everything I had. I experienced a group of wonderful runners and volunteers, all facing their own personal goals and pulling for each other. I was moved by the determination and grace with which everyone I saw faced their own challenges. I realized that if I had spent more time training on asphalt than on dirt trails and my treadmill, I would have had been more able to withstand running for hours on the harder terrain of the B & A Trail. My second lesson learned today.

The Real Bottom Line

My true self today was not marathon completion. I was not fixated on an ‘all or nothing’ race goal. I had fun, got to enjoy the other runners and the race experience, was able to apply what I learned about myself over the past year, can identify how to improve, and feel a sense of achievement. I completed my first official race and am injury free. My third, and best, lesson learned today.