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Race Result

Racer: Mark Lamont
Race: Clyde's American 10K
Date: Sunday, April 17, 2011
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Run - 10 km
Age Group: Male 20 - 24
Time: 0:49:19
Overall Place: 287 / 1299
Comment: first race this year!

Race Report:

This was my first race of the year.... I started off strong, probably too strong. Normally, I am an 8:30 minute miler but when I get in the races logic seems to go out the window sometimes. So, it was a fairly nice day just a little bit chilly. I purposefully left my watch at home because I wasnt in great shape and didnt want to know my time as I was going along. I find that every now and again I need to just "misplace" my watch and remember why I enjoy racing....its not always about the time. But, I felt pretty winded 1 mile in, so I asked the guy next to me what pace we were doing and he informed me that I had just run a 7 minute mile. Throwing logic out the window, I tried to keep the pace(*Note to everyone....the second mile was downhill).

It wasnt until mile 3 on a rather big uphill to a golf course that I was able to glimpse my time again due to a clock outside the clubhouse. I did my first 3 miles in 23:00!! My PR for a 10K is 48:45, so I was hoping to beat that. But, I realized that I was slowly falling back to my regular pace and I was becoming a bit disheartened due to the fact that I knew there were a few big hills coming up. By mile 4 I was really thirsty and had no water, by mile 5 I was really hungry and had no food, and by mile 6 I just wanted to go back to bed. However, coming down the final stretch something clicked and the shuffles that I had for the past mile disappeared into an all out sprint for the finish line. It could have been that I smelled delicious food in the air, or just that I really wanted everyone to think that the race wasnt as big a struggle for me as it really was :/

In the end, the race was fantastic. Lots of people there, TONS of great drinks and food at the end. The port-a-pot situation before the race was terrible (Literally, lines half an hour long). But, hopefully I will be free that weekend next year and can improve upon my time!