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Race Result

Racer: Aleah Zinalabedini
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 22, 2011
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 25 - 29
Time: 3:19:11
Overall Place: 1246 / 1682
Age Group Place: 56 / 89
Comment: First Olympic Distance tri

Race Report:

This race was about gratitude. I started feeling sick Wednesday, and didn't think much of it, I refused to concede to being/becoming ill right before the tri I had been working so hard for! With that being said, I got sick. Really sick. Still am, but I am just really grateful I got to race. All day Friday and Saturday I remained positive and took better care of myself than usual in hopes it would pass. Saturday night however, I was contemplating if I should even go out. Despite not reaching my goal (Sub 3 hours), I am so glad I came out and got through the race! While humbling to be at the bottom of my age bracket, I had a blast. I have 4 other races this summer, so I am not going to let this deter me in any way!

Swim: 35:09 65/89
The swim was a disaster. My chest has been so tight, and I have been so congested. I could not breathe well on dry land just standing still. Never mind putting me in Centennial Lake, in water, being splashed, kicked, and flopping around like a dead fish! I was the girl in the bright pink cap doing breast stroke, or kicking on my back trying to get air in my lungs! When the guys in white caps started passing me, I knew it was bad. I am usually an okay enough swimmer. Not the case yesterday.

T1: 6:20 (ouch) 78/89
I was feeling pretty awful, and not sure if I could continue. I took way too long to think about it. SO GLAD I CONTINUED!

Bike: 1:39:05 64/89
Not my best showing on the bike, but really feel okay with the time considering being ill. I have been getting more and more comfortable and confident on my bike. I took a really bad spill last summer on the Columbia course, and had not been back on it until 6 weeks ago. Each time I ride, I feel safer, and more secure. Can't wait to go on more rides with the club.

T2 2:38 58/89
At this point I knew my time was not going to be anywhere near where I wanted it, so I took my sweet time!

Run 56:02 26/89
If I had any saving grace, this may have been it. Running is my strong suit, what I look the most forward to. I knew this was going to be tough being under the weather, but I just thought I was going to make the best of it, and HAVE FUN! My goal was anything under 49, so considering what I had just done, and being sick, I'll take 56!

I am just so grateful to have been able to complete the race, be surrounded by such awesome MMTC people, and have so much fun! I wore my MMTC bike jersey and the extra support on course was so wonderful! I am new to the sport and the club, but it has been such a nice transition. People have been so welcoming, and supportive, I love it! Added celebrations to my races for the summer in hopes for some redemption! Sorry if I was long winded, I am just amped about the sport!