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Race Result

Racer: Aleah Zinalabedini
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 21, 2011
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 30 - 34
Time: 1:59:27
Overall Place: 132 / 1631
Age Group Place: 14 / 233
Comment: PR and amazing day!

Race Report:

It was such an amazing day, and time leading up the race! I was so bummed about my summer coming to an end, but this was the most incredible way to "end" things, even with the rain delay. I am just so glad it decided to stop, and we didn't have to do an RBR!

I have really been struggling with the Olympic distance, so this was a welcomed change! I really wanted to place, but forgot that I "aged up" this year and my age group doubled.

Swim 21:40 46th
I felt like I swam really well (for me!). I swam free style the entire time, and managed not to completely panic. There were SOO many girls in the water, it was over whelming. I talked myself through the tough times, reminding myself I had done the practice, other OWS's and was ready. Goal for next year will to get below 20.

T1 3:05 45th

Bike 1:03:33 27th
I felt great on the bike. I was frustrated at times with "bad driving" and attitudes, but what can you do? I was polite, and nice always saying on your left, when I really wanted to say "get the eff out of my way, and stay on the right!" It felt really good to be passing people for a change, instead of everyone passing me! Goal for next year, break an hour.

T2 1:34 52nd
Thank you lock-laces for shaving some time off! Still need to get better, but I think I can with time!

Run 29:37 15th
I was not so sure about things at the start of the run, but it ended up okay. I was having a bit of a hard time, so I started saying something nice and encouraging to everyone I passed. It really helped me more than the ladies I think. I did get some funny looks, I can only imagine with they were thinking, but oh well. Overall, most women really appreciated being cheered on or encouraged a little, and I got a boost from it. I have to agree, the crew at Gatorade Hill was remarkable! :) :) It was so nice to see familiar faces smiling and cheering. I got really excited when I came up the last curve and saw the finish line. I started to kick it but someone stepped in front of me with kids at the end, and I almost knocked them over. I didn't have the control and was too tired at that point to be agile. It ended okay, but I got a little irritated. At that point of the race and a really hard kick, I really didn't have anything left, including patience. After I caught my breath, got some sugar and water, I was fine though.

Post race tent was amazing as usual, company and energy was fantastic, and I am so excited for next year already.