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Race Result

Racer: Hanna Sheffrin
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 21, 2011
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 15 - 19
Time: 1:48:48
Overall Place: 33 / 1633
Age Group Place: 1 / 13
Comment: Best Iron Girl Ever!!!

Race Report:

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the MMTC members for setting up the tent, chairs, and food. The chairs especially came in handy before the race when I was waiting for my swim wave to start (I was the in the 2nd to last wave, right before the relays). Also, thank you to all the volunteers on Gatorade Hill and all the volunteers throughout the bike course. And of course, thank you daddy for training with me!! Love you!! :)
Note: The age group above says 15-19, but I was actually in the 17-19 age group. This website defaults to the standard 15-19 age group.

Swim: 16:07
This was my third Iron Girl, and this was the first time water did not get into my tri top! After getting sick of stopping every two strokes to adjust my tri top to get water out, I finally broke down and got a new top for this year. Since I didn't have to stop at all to adjust anything, I just kept swimming along with no trouble at all. My previous Iron Girl swim times were 20 minutes; I shaved off about 4 1/2 minutes just by not having to stop at all!

T1: 2:26
Pretty happy with this transition. Since it stormed after I put all my stuff in the transition area, I was worried about how the wet socks and shoes would feel on the bike and run, but when it came down to it, I just pulled on the wet socks, slipped on my wet bike shoes, and ran the heck out of there.

Bike: 58:50 (17.8 pace)
I did the Columbia Triathlon for the first time this year, and my bike pace was 17.2, which was faster than both of my previous Iron Girl bike times, so I figured that I should be able to bike the IG course in an hour or less. Also, after doing two previous IGs and the Columbia Tri, I knew that bike course like the back of my hand; weeks before the race, I kept visualizing every hill and every turn. Also, my dad and I started biking much earlier in the season this year, and we also increased our mileage. When race day came along, I just let loose and put everything I had into the bike. I took off about 4 minutes from my time last year!

T2: 1:33
Just looked at the results again and my T2 time and run time changed!!! Previously the results said T2 was 4:16. Now it makes sense; I don't remember taking that long!

Run: 29:55 (8:48 pace) NOT 27:12 (8:00 pace) like the results previously said. Again, this makes more sense; I could have sworn my watch said 29:30 at the finish, and I started my watch late.

As always, the run was frustrating and painful. Since I always have cramps on the run, I took two electrolytes at the beginning of the run; I meant to take some before the race as well, but I forgot. Throughout the run, I just had to keep telling myself that I was almost finished and I couldn't give up now. I'm really competitive with myself, so I always refuse to walk during the run (the only exception is at the water/Gatorade stops). After I made it up the Gatorade Hill, I pushed it hard to the end. With about .2 miles left, both of my quads cramped up! I adjusted my stride a bit and cringed at the pain, but I still pushed it through to the end without sacrificing my pace. It's so amazing when you get to the fence and everyone is lined up on the sides, cheering. I live for those last moments of the race. Amazing.

Congrats to all other Iron Girl participants this year. YOU ARE AN IRON GIRL!!! :)