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Race Result

Racer: Scott Kallmeyer
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 22, 2011
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 2:42:39
Overall Place: 408 / 1638
Age Group Place: 77 / 220
Comment: Is 6 minutes > 40 seconds?

Race Report:

One of my goals leading up to this race was to eat better and healthier. I gave up soda and store-bought juice in March, as sugar is a major inflammatory for joints among other detriments. I think that it's made a big difference in my recovery time and muscle flexibility.

My 2 goals for the race itself were to match or beat last year's time of 2:48 and my stretch goal was to be in the top half for each of the swim, bike, and run. The swim being the challenging one for me.

Overall 2:42:39 (77/220)

Swim time 29:13 (116/220)

I tried to stick to the right at the race start because I'm not too big on getting hit in the head and ribs repeatedly, unless it's my nephews. But I must have a tendency to swim to the left and before I knew it I was right in the middle of everything. I did ok for one bouy but then lost it. I started looking around for a kayak. Couldn't find one so swam a little more, but couldn't go on. Then I spotted one and made the decision to call for it. I actually ended up swimming over to it because it couldn't get to me. I'm thinking this is crazy I can swim to the kayak but not continue on the race. I just couldn't breathe and couldn't take getting kicked anymore. I know the routine by now, hang out for a little while catch your breathe and get back to it. Not sure how long I was hanging on "for dear life" but it felt like an eternity. Once I caught my breath most of my AG was gone and I went back at it, just like swimming in the Mathogy on Thursday nights. But only 200 yards into the race I realized one of my goals was already shot. Still I kept going and got into a good grove and started passing people, so I tried to go a little faster to see if I could make up some lost time. Realized so far no "other" swim caps have passed me yet as I went by the other side of the swim start so I kept pushing. I ended up missing my goal by about 30 seconds. Maybe I should take up rugby to supplement my swim training?!?

Bike time 1:18 (90/220)

Boy I was glad to be on dry land and this year it was actually dry land. In 5 years this was my first dry bike course. My goal was to get under 1:20:00 and still leave a little for the run. I hit each of the thirds of the bike course about 1 minute faster than my goal so I felt good but still had something left for the run course. I drank one waterbottle's worth of Zico Coconut water on the bike course. So far I love the coconut water and it seems great in preventing leg cramps and is low in sugar.

Run time 50:09 (57/220)

My goal on the run was to match last year's 49:30. I tried something different on my garmin on the run and I paid the price. Couldn't figure out how to start the run leg until the bottom of the first hill so my timing for the splits was completely off. Still my goal was to hold a 155 HR for the first 3 miles, 160 HR for mile 4, then hold my AT 165 HR for the last 2 miles. I was able to meet each of those except mile 5, which was 5 beats too low. I finsished the final 1/2 mile with 173 HR. But I missed my goal by 10 seconds.

6 minutes faster than last year and a 2:42 finsih, but I missed my stretch goals by a total of 40 seconds. So I should feel better about being 6 minutes faster and finishing in the top third for male finishers, but those darned 40 seconds I left on the course are bugging me. I'm sure over the next few days I will feel better about all of it.

Thanks again to Melissa for the MMTC tent and smoothies. Was that sugar she was adding to them?

Thanks to Heather, my unofficial mentor, for words of encouragement. But most importantly for teaching me how to taper the final week before the race. Something I definitely need to work on. :-)

Thanks for reading, Scott.