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Race Result

Racer: Kelly Collins
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 21, 2011
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 2:23:03
Overall Place: 768 / 1547
Age Group Place: 168 / 327
Comment: Finished my FIRST TRI--- ready for more!

Race Report:

This is my first race report since this was my first triathlon. I wanted to thank MMTC for the enormous support throughout the race. I couldn’t believe how many people were behind me… people who didn’t know me… but saw my MMTC hat and pulled for me. I especially needed it during the run, and having such a huge presence on Gatorade Hill was just awesome. You all got me up and over the hill! Finishing the race was awesome… and the tent with all the goodies (especially the smoothies) was just amazing! Thank you to all of the MMTC volunteers--- you really made my first triathlon a wonderful experience.

Swim 30:33

I hadn’t been in a swimming pool for almost 30 years. In January I decided I better figure this out since I had signed up for Iron Girl and to the best of my knowledge, I wouldn’t be able to use a raft to get across the lake. Nothing prepared me for the amount of bumping at the start of the swim. My anxiety got the best of me for the first few minutes of the swim and I glanced a few times at the kayak wondering if I should swim over and call it a day. But I am so proud of myself that somehow I found the strength to put my head down, focus and swim. I never quite felt comfortable (like in a pool swim) the whole time… but I was super proud of my sighting throughout and my overall time. I can’t help but think that if I didn’t have the few freak out minutes in the beginning that maybe my time would have been a few minutes faster. Overall, happy with swim… happy to get my feet on land… and look forward to my next swim.

TR 1 4:03

Happy to see my 2 year old son when I got out of lake… gave him a kiss… said hi to friends… and then I thought “oh yea… I am in a race”. Overall, ok with time. Apparently I forgot about the need to hurry during transitions. But I was seriously excited that I made it out of the water without the help of a kayak.

Bike 1:05:29

The bike felt great! Spent a lot of training time doing this course. Really felt in control the whole time… probably could have pushed harder on a few hills… thought I should hold back a few times because of the run ahead of me. Had a blast on the ride. Loved seeing so many women having so much fun. Met some great people on the ride… at times forgot we were actually racing!

TR 2 2:24

I wore new bike shoes (road shoes). I was used to wearing mountain bike shoes with tons of traction. So, when I got off the bike, I was literally side-stepping my way down the wet hill to transition. Didn’t want to have a blow out on the hill. So I was very pleased with time.

Run 40:37

I knew coming in that the run would be on the slower side. Since I have been training for the triathlon, my running times have suffered. I need to find a good balance… I am working on it. I thought I would either be able to grit it out and pull a 35 minute run… or it would be really ugly and I wouldn’t have my legs at all. For the most part, I was just on the slow(er) side… heavy legs but I ran the whole thing. Even though a little boy yelled out to me close to the finish line that he could walk faster than I was running… I couldn’t be upset at him… hey he was right! Gatorade Hill is just not fair… it’s not nice… it’s a beast to place at the end of a race. But for some reason, I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love to hate it… and plan on conquering it next year!

Overall, for my first TRI this was a great experience! Loved meeting incredible people while training, loved pushing myself to extreme limits (for me), loved the crowd support (yea MMTC) and loved the MMTC support tent. I have another TRI coming up (Hammerman)… and look forward to training for the Columbia TRI next year… and of course I wouldn’t miss Iron Girl again.