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Race Result

Racer: Aleah Zinalabedini
Race: Celebration Sprint Triathlon
Date: Sunday, June 26, 2011
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 25 - 29
Time: 2:06:37
Overall Place: 423 / 947
Age Group Place: 16 / 63
Comment: Didnt break 2, but much better showing than Columbia!

Race Report:

An over all improvement, and a PR for me from Irongirl last year. Considering I had been in the pool twice since Columbia, I will take what I can get! I started feeling better finally about 2 weeks ago, so just really happy to be mostly healthy after weeks of being sick!

Swim: 26:24 32nd
I started off the swim pretty well, using bilateral breathing, and actually swimming free style. After the first turn though, I just couldn't get my wind, and that awful panicky feeling set in. I ended up swimming back stroke almost the entire rest of the way. I felt awesome without the wet suit too, so again, really looking forward to Irongirl to prove to myself I can do this!

T1 3:55
My first race with bike shoes, so I was pretty happy about this, and especially considering it was like 6 minutes for Columbia.

Bike: 1:06:00 24th
It felt like I rode like I have never ridden before, so when I saw my time I was a little disappointed. Maybe I just do not ride as fast as I think I do other times! :) I feel like the clip-less made a big difference too. Each time I ride I feel more and more comfortable on the bike. I need to spend more time in the saddle, and working to improve my speed.

T2 2:11 32nd
Again, first tri (out of a whopping 3 now) with bike shoes, and needing to change shoes in this transition. It was a lot more challenging to run/trot down the hill to the area with cleats on! I am just glad I did not fall!

Run: 28:29 7th
I love that the run is last. I felt pretty good, but left too much on the course. I should have gone a bit faster, but when I realized I was not going to break 2 hours, I backed off a bit. Looking back, that was a big mistake, and the wrong attitude to have. Still, I am okay with the time, and cannot wait for my next tri!

All of this is a learning experience. I wish there were more local races, I feel like with each race I am gaining more experience, knowledge and strength. With that being said, I know we are extremely fortunate to have as many local (within 1 mile of my house!) races as we do. I am learning how to attempt to balance training for all 3 events seperatley, but at the same time back to back. My running times do not matter much if I cannot do the events before it half way decently. This was my last race of my 20's, so I end them with a PR on an amazingly beautiful day. What more could I ask for! It is a little sad, and scary to be putting my 20's behind me, but I am stoked for my 30's! Bring it on! :)

I am very very excited for IronGirl! I am hoping to place top 5, and with the right amount of work between now and then, there may be a chance for me! I WILL break 2 hours regardless, and I am putting it up here to make myself accountable! Thank you for all the support MMTC!!