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Race Result

Racer: Brian Richards
Race: Celebration Sprint Triathlon
Date: Sunday, June 26, 2011
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 1:52:22
Overall Place: 158 / 947
Age Group Place: 23 / 64
Comment: Making progress...

Race Report:

Second tri for me, and first sprint. I had a great time with this race and learned a significant more about race prep, race day, and how my fitness strengths/weaknesses work for me during a race. Can't wait for Ft. Richie Olympic on 8/7!

Swim: 27:32 (49/64)
Shaved 6 min. off my time when comparing to Columbia (adding the extra .3 mi.) for whatever that's worth. Man... if only I can figure this part of the race out. My swim endurance is weak and I lose my breathing rhythm as soon as I get a bit tired or anxious. For this race I was good the first 500 yards or so and then lost it right before the first left turn. My wife followed me from the start and said I looked calm with good form and was even staying near the front. Then it all disappears. The fact that my only two open water swims have been the two races speaks volumes to where my focus should be going forward.

T1: 2:02 (11/64)
I guess this is ok, right?

Bike: 56:09 (18/64)
Felt strong on the bike for the most part. I was passed by two guys heading out on 108 and then never passed again... definitely a confidence builder there. On the way back I started passing guys in my AG (so nice to see those numbers on calves!). Now, if only I can speed up my swim and catch them earlier. My goal for next season is to purchase a tri bike - eying the Cervelo P2 or the Trek SC series. Opinions? I am eager to see the small or big differences one may make with the bike and how I feel starting the run. I use a 2006 Trek 1500 right now, and I have been very happy with it in my first year of training/racing.

T2:1:36 (33/64)
Not so good, I guess.

Run: 25:05 (11/64) 7:23/mi
I am so excited and confident when the run starts because it's my strength so far with triathlon racing. Unfortunately, I pulled my left calf muscle climbing Mt. Albert during the bike, and it was bothering me through the first mile of the run. Then it went away (came back in force post race and even through today...), and I was off. I am still feeling my way through these races, so I know I can run harder and faster. For me, it is just difficult to gauge my running the first time through a sprint or olympic distance. Now I have done both, so I look forward to even faster times. I moved up 8 spots in my AG from the end of the bike to the finish line, so that is definitely a positive I take from the run. I do think the longer runs suit me better as I felt I was just hitting my stride (pun intended) when I reached the finish line.

Thank you to everyone with MMTC for making my family and I feel welcome since we have joined the club. My two little girls loved the donuts and treats at the tent, and I loved the cold towels post race! Special thanks to Hector Garcia who is serving in an official capacity as my tri psychologist! I'm pretty hard on myself, and he does a great job of helping me keep perspective so early in my tri career.

I am looking forward to meeting more members, volunteering often, and sporting MMTC gear in upcoming races... just haven't bought it all yet!

Thanks for reading this and being a great club.

- Brian